Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What I Could of Been

I love talking to our school counselor.  Talking about everything but especially about the brain and why people do the things they do and act the way they act.  I love reading books about the brain specifically mental disorders.  I still think about the book The Price of Silence by Liza Long.  The brain is fascinating!

While talking to the counselor about why our students behave the way they do she said that she might of become a doctor but she would of had to work at it (not too much work but hard studying).  Being a counselor came easy for her.

That made me think.

When I was a senior in high school we did a research project.  We had to research the job we wanted when we graduated.  I researched psychology.  I made a 102 on that project.  I still have the folder. Ha!

But when it really came down to it I couldn't see myself becoming a psychologist.  Psychology would of been work I had to really work at.

I wanted to do something that still interested me but also came a bit easier for me. So I became a teacher.  Specifically a teacher of the Deaf.

I LOVED being a teacher of the Deaf. But I also knew that there was a 5 year burn out rate so I wanted to get my master's degree.

I thought I wanted it in diagnostics.  I love testing, analyzing, and labeling... for a lack of a better word.  But then I went to my first IEP meeting and quickly decided that becoming a diagnostician was NOT for me.  Oh the paperwork! Oh the law! Oh no to it all!

So I took a year and looked around the school (per my mom's suggestion) and decided that the library was for me.  So I got my masters in library science.

If I hadn't become a teacher I would of been a psychologist.  But I would of had to work at it.  I could of done it but I'm glad I didn't.


  1. Decisions, Decisions! I'm so happy you found a great place to work! After all my years of teaching, I finally received my certification as a school librarian. Now to find a job! (I have a great job. I just wonder what may be...) Jennifer Sniadecki

    1. The library is the best job in the school. Congrats on your librarian certification!

  2. Thanks for sharing this reflection. In my experience, there is little mobility within the field of education, though I know that there are those like you who move within the field to find just the right place.

    And as a fellow book-lover, I couldn't help but think of the book Left Neglected - I believe it's written by the same author as Still Alice, though I could be mistaken. Given your fascination with the brain and science, you might enjoy it.


    1. Read Still Alice and loved it. I'll add Left Neglected to my to read list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I might have been a psychologist, too, but I know that I became, as a teacher, was enhanced by my education in psychology. I might have been anything, but I'm glad I became a teacher. I am glad you are happy with what you have become - don't think of of "I could have been's"!

  4. ah, the roads not traveled! At various times I wanted to be an actress, a rock star, a counselor, a teacher, a mom of a tribe of kids, author, and an interior designer. Huh...guess I get to do ALL of that in my current gig! :)

  5. Your post resonates with me...I initially went to school for science and later changed. The interest in science is still there but the ease and joy of teaching was much stronger. I often think about how my life would be so much different had I stuck with that path but I enjoy teaching so much and am thankful the path I chose. It sounds like your journey has led you down the right path too.