Saturday, March 19, 2016

Divergent: Allegiant

Reagan and I saw Allegiant yesterday. When the books first came out Reagan was to young to read them. She was still to young for the movies when Divergent first came out too. So this week we watched the other two movies so she'd be ready for this movie. After the movie she said she was going to read the books this summer. 

I don't reread books before I see the movie anymore. I find I enjoy the movie more if I'm not constantly comparing it to the book. I can enjoy the movie for what it is... a lesser version of the book. Ha!

That being said I liked the movie. It's been years since I read the book so I don't remember a lot of details. I did catch a couple of differences though. 

And somehow I missed that this was a two part movie. I don't know how I missed that.  It's the trend now, isn't it? So when the movie ended I was super disappointed. The end was nothing like the book. Except... it's not really the end. There's another movie coming out. 


  1. yeah--I don't reread them before either. I try to look at them as two separate, but related entities. Although a few I could name just absolutely made me ridiculously upset with their changes! ;)

  2. Smart lady! Reading the book prior to seeing the movie almost always leads (me) to disappointment.

  3. I find it hard not to compare at times - but I try to enjoy each for their strengths. I loved this series - both the books and the movies - have yet to see this newest one yet. Glad to know you enjoyed it.