Friday, April 29, 2016

Five for Friday-Movies


1. I love movies but I really go for the popcorn.  With butter.  Layered.  With the orange salt.  Layered.  Heart Attack?

2. Date night with the Jay or as a family or with friends.  I like them all.

3. We don't watch rated R movies.

4.  Why, when the theater is nearly empty, do people want to sit right by me?  Drives.  Me. Nuts!

5.  I like to rewatch movies.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wordless Wednesday-City Lights

I love those city lights. 
And the sunset over the skyscrapers.

Thankful Thursday-Jay

I am so thankful to have a husband who is capable and supports me in everything I do.

While I was at TLA last week Reagan came down with strep throat.

You know that mom guilty thing? Yea, I had that while I was at TLA and my kid was home sick.

But Jay took great care of her.  He got her into the doctor, got her meds, made sure she took them and watched movies with her for two days till she felt well enough to go back to school.

I was texting my BFFs in a group text about how I felt guilty I wasn't there with her.  One of them texted back "It's ok! Jay will take good care of her!!!!!"  It's "funny" how they know he's such a good dad and husband.  And that I have nothing to worry about.  And shouldn't feel guilty.

I'm bless to have Jay!

TLA Conference=Amazing!

The Texas Libary Association Conference (TLA) was last week.  One word summary=Amazing!

There's just something magical about TLA.  The free books.  The free pens and pencils.  The free bags.  The free swag.  THE FREE STUFF!

The authors.  Oh the authors!  It's so cool to walk into a bathroom or down the hall and see an author. Like, they're real people!  :)

The sessions.  The sessions are so informative!  There are so many at the same time that are awesome that it's hard to pick which one to go to.  Sometime you have to resort to eeny, meeny, miny, moe.  It's a very scientific method for choosing a session....

The first general session was done by LeVar Burton.  Reading Rainbow y'all!  One of my favorite quotes was "Literacy is a birthright of every one of us."  So true!

Scott McClelland did the general session Wednesday afternoon.  McClelland is the President of HEB's Houston division.  I loved how he talked about needing to put free books into the homes of the underprivileged.

I started the conference off with Speed Dating the Texas Bluebonnet Books and Authors.  It's so cool to have an author/illustrator sit down with a table of librarians and book talk their own book.  I also got some great activities and ideas to do with their books for next year.

Wednesday I began with BookADay with my former library professor Teri Lesesne and my hero Donalyn Miller, author of Book Whisper and Reading in the Wild. BookADay is an exciting movement to encourage daily reading. Everyone participating can set their own rules as long as you read a book a day. Use #bookaday on any social media to log what you read and see what others are reading. 

I also went to a focus group for the new TLA standards, book talks and a session on collaborating with teachers. 

Thursday I spent my morning learning about the new books on the Texas 2x2 list.  I've read all the books on the list but it was still interesting to hear what others thought of the books and to hear one of the authors talk.  I also went to the Texas Bluebonnet Award author session where they served a delicious lunch and we got to hear author, Laban Carrick Hill and illustrator, Theodore Taylor talk about their winning book When the Beat Was Born.

And the Lip Sync battle.  Oh. My. Word.  Hilarious!  It was kid lit vs YA lit.  Authors introduced their books then had to find a song that went with their book and lip sync it.  So. Much. Fun.  I will never look at a regular old book talk the same way again!

Friday we spent the morning in the Exhibits getting last minute free books, book marks, posters pens etc.

I got to spend some time with my some of my fellow district librarians outside of work.  Which we never do.  It was fun to let our hair down and just hang out with each other.

I think this was one of the best years... although I think I say that every year.  Ha!  I have next year already marked on my calendar.

Monday, April 25, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Last week I was at Texas Library Association (TLA) and didn't get a chance to read much.  We were so busy during the day that by the time we made it back to the hotel at night I was too tired to read.

So instead I thought I'd post about some books I learned about.

Science Comic Dinosaurs by MK Reed-this is a graphic novel (love them!) about a science topic. What a cool way to hook reluctant readers as well as those who might not enjoy science as much.

Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson-another graphic novel!  This one is about a girl who is on a mission to save her dad.

Cozy Classics Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice by Jack & Holman Wang-I'm not sure how I feel about this one.  I'm not a classics kind of girls so that doesn't appeal to me.  The clay animation characters are a little creepy.  Despite all that I'm curious about this book!

Everland by Wendy Spinale- this seems to be a remix of Peter Pan.  It's actually the 2nd book that I've seen about Peter Pan at TLA.  Maybe this is a new trend???  I think my daughter will like this one.

There were a TON more books that I learned about but these were the ones that stuck out for me.

I did start an Advanced Readers Copy called Loving vs. Virginia but there's a page in the ARC that asks that the book not be blogged about until closer to it's publish date which is next year.  So you'll have to wait for a review of that one.

What are you reading?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful to have these lovely ladies as co-workers and friends. We had a great time tonight singing karaoke and bowling at a Sebco (one of our book venders) party. It was nice to be outside of work just hanging out. 

This Hufflepuff wanted to do karaoke but wasn't quite brave enough to do it on my own. So when I asked my Slytherian friend to do a duet with me, she was all about it. 

I'm a terrible bowler but I love doing it anyway. 

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

We did some black out poetry in a session at the Texas Library Association conference. 

This is mine. I saw the word noon and looked for words that went with that. 

This one is a librarian friend of mine. 

This one was one a librarian sitting at our table did. She didn't have a chance to finish it. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm At TLA!

We didn't know if we'd make it the Texas Library Association conference this year.  Houston, TX has gotten some CRAZY rain.  There's flooding every where.  But we made it.  I asked the district's dispatch person if he could give me a SUV that floated... just in case.

Houston is my home but I've never really spend much time downtown.  I go to Astro's games, to plays in the theatre district and concerts at the Toyota Center but as for actually running around downtown, I've never done it.  So it's fun to be a tourist in my hometown.

I'll be posting here about the author's I meet, the free books and book related stuff I get and about the sessions I go too.  Stay tuned!

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

For the library:

We are still in poetry month so I'm still reading poetry to my classes.

This week I read Amazing Faces by Lee Bennett Hopkins to Pk-5th grade.  Hopkins put together a collection of poems written by other people to create this book.  I really like how each poem is about a different culture.  We learned little snippets about people that look different from us.  I only had one student out of 439 that noticed without me prompting that each poem was about a different race.  The only question I asked was "The title of this book and the first poem are the same.  Why didn't the poet name the book My Chinatown which is the second poem?"  There was at least one student in about half the class who could answer that question.

For myself:

I finished the Relentless Series this weekend. LOVED it! Loved it like "Everyone shut up! I'm reading!" Like "Let me see if I can blow dry my hair and read at the same time." cuz I never wanted to put the books down. Like ever!

This young adult series has it all. There's paranormal romance. There are vampires and werewolves and hale witches. Oh my!  Don't forget the various demons and the farriers. There's fighting and training and love all wrapped in these three books. It's an urban fantasy.  In case you're confused... I give it 5 stars. 

I started We Were Liars by E. Lockhart Sunday night. I'm hooked! I can't wait to finish it.  Cadence's family owns an island that they spend every summer on.  The older children are called The Liars.  Cadence gets in an accident and can't remember anything.  Amnesia sets in.  She misses her sixteenth summer on the island and heads back her seventeenth year... and that's where I'm at.  I can't wait to find out what she learns about her accident and if her amnesia goes away.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

In honor of poetry month, this April I have been reading poems to my students.

The first week I asked:

"Raise your hand if you LOVE poems."

"Raise your hand if you HATE poems."

"Raise you hand if you just like them."  At this point I raise my hand.  

I tell the students how I've LEARNED to like poetry.  I still don't like to sit down with a thick poetry book (I got shivers just thinking about it!) and read.  But I do like to read 1-5 poems at a time.

I read Bow Wow Meow Meow by Douglas Florian to Pk-2nd.  All the poems are about different dogs and cats.  I think the students like the poems about the wild cats the best.  The cheetah and black panther got a lot of "Ohhhhhs".

To 3rd-5th I read Rutherford B., Who Was He? Poems About Ours Presidents by Marilyn Singer (it's on our 2015-2016 Texas Bluebonnet list)  I really liked these poems because they taught you about each president in an unusual way, through poetry.  We laughed that out of the four years William Taft was president all Singer chose to write about was how he got stuck in a tub.

Before I dismissed students from the rug I asked if they liked these poems.  Every single students said yes.  I reminded them that poetry can be fun, even I need that reminder.

Friday, April 15, 2016


I like participating in challenges.  They remind of things I need to be doing in my library but don't always do or put off doing.  Like the Shelf Challenge, it reminds me to weed.

Last year was my first year to participate.  I weeded like crazy!  I signed myself up to weed the biography section.  The biographies were in desperate need of a good weeding.  Once I got started I couldn't stop.  I weeded through the non-fiction and touched on the fiction section.

I didn't touch the Everybody section. Everybody books are a little different in that the younger kids aren't quite as picky when they choose a book.  Most younger students just grab books without much thought. So if I run a usage report on the Everybody section it's not really accurate.  Also some picture books are timeless like Dr. Seuss books.  I have one copyrighted 1960 something.  It still gets checked out so it's not a book I want to weed just based on age.  But that 1960 date does nothing to help the age of my collection.

When I came to this library last year the average year of the collection was 1994 making it 21 years old, well below Texas Library Association standards.  I'm working hard to get it to 11 years old (exemplary). Last year through weeding and purchasing of new books I brought the age up to 1998, 17 years old. I'm hoping to knock another 4 years off the age bring it to 2002, 13 years old (recognized).

I've weeded through the A-F's so far. I'm starting the G's. I've read every book on those shelves which was something I didn't do last year (I read some but not all). Some books I don't like but I can see how someone else would enjoy. Some... I have no idea why someone actually published them.

I've found some moldy gems. So. Gross. My goal is to blog about my #shelfchallenge here every Friday. 

Happy Weeding!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Music and Memories

Do you ever hear a song and memories come flooding back?  "Cups" by Anna Kendrick came on while I was listening to my music and memories of a former student ran through my head. It also made me think of other songs that bring back "the good old days".

"We Built This City" by Starship
This song  broke me away from my parents music. It was the first song that I loved, not because my parents did but because I loved it. Gone were the days of listen to their country music now that I had found Top 40s. 

"Cover Girl" by New Kids on the Block
Oh the day dreams of Donnie Wahlberg looking longingly into my eyes while singing that I was his Cover Girl, they were many! Still love me some Donnie!

"From This Moment" by Shania Twain
Jay and I walked back down the aisle as husband and wife at our wedding to this song. From that moment our lives changed for the better. Every time I hear it I think our young love growing overtime  to the love that we have today.

"Drops Of Jupiter" by Train 
Days before Reagan was born I was in the car with my friend (he was going to be my substitute teacher) driving him to the Educational Support Complex to fill out paperwork. I remember this song coming over the radio. It reminds me of the days before she was born. It's also a song that Jay cannot stand mostly because I played it over and over and over. 

"American Boy" by Estelle
My three best girlfriends and I were at a New Kids on the Block concert. Yes, as adults. Jay and I were still living in Houston but knew were moving. I did not want to move... not even a little bit. I was not happy about it to say the least. This song came on while we were waiting for the concert to begin, part of the lyrics are "take me to New York, I'd loved to see LA" and I said something along the lines of "I want to go to New York or LA not freaking Nacogdoches." My very wise friend reminded me "Not tonight your not." That kept me from wallowing in self pity and enjoying the concert.  Those four simple words reminded me to live in the moment. I will always remember that and apply it to other parts of my life. 

"Cheerleader" by Felix Jaehn Everytime
When I hear this song I remember a fun girls weekend in Houston with the above mentioned best girlfriends.  Our weekend came to an end far more quickly than any of us were ready for it too. Reagan and I were driving, Amy, back to the airport.  This song came on.  Amy told us that she like the message of this song.  It was the first time I really listened to the words (I'm so bad about not really listening to the words).  I also remember all three of us crying as Amy got out of the truck at the airport.  I thought it was sweet that even Reagan teared up.

"On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson
I'm not a country music kind of girl.  I can appreciate some of the old stuff but this new stuff... blah. Anyway, my papa used to called my granny, my mom and me road lizards because we never sat still. We were always on the road going somewhere.  It didn't really matter where as long as we were going.  It also reminds me of the days before "We Built This City" when I used to listen to country music with my parents.  "On the Road Again" is my ringtone for my parents and granny.

I'll end with the song I started with.

"Cups" by Anna Kendrick
When I taught Deaf Ed self-contained middle school I had a student who life just wasn't fair too.  Not fair at all.  We had a rocky relationship.  She was very embarrassed about coming to my classroom but when life got really unfair I was the first person she asked for.  Her 8th grade year "Cups" was a popular song.  It became our theme song.  I'd sing it to her or play it off my school iPod to remind her how much she was going to miss me when she went to high school the next year.  When I'd see her coming down the hall to my classroom I'd start singing "You're gonna miss me when I'm gone..." Sometimes we'd be working along and she'd say "Sing our song Mrs. Taylor."  or other times "Turn our song on." And I'd happily ablige. I do not miss the ups and downs of her life but I do miss her and worry about how life is treating her now that I'm gone.

Do you have a song that brings back memories?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Thankful Thursday

As an only child, I crave alone time.  I need alone time.  I'm a better person because of alone time. But with a family, even a small 3 person family like ours, it's hard to get alone time.

Monday Jay and Reagan attended the the Astro's Opening Day home game.  The house was. all. mine.

After school I ran to the drug store to grab some cards, diapers for a diaper shower, and gift cards.  I called in an order to Cotton Patch to take back to the house.  And stopped at the movie theater and filled my popcorn bucket... I did not see a movie... I took that artery clogging popcorn to enjoy while I read a book later that night.

Ate dinner.  Alone.

Read.  Alone.

Ate my popcorn.  Alone. Well, Maggie loves popcorn too and was sitting by me quietly begging for some. 

I am thankful for that alone time.

Wordless Wednesday

I want this hair color.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A couple of Mondays ago I started processing the new 2016 Texas 2x2s.  I finished up last week. It took me a little longer cuz I HAVE to read them too!  There are some real gems this year!

The New Small Person by Lauren Child
As an only child myself and having an only child I loved reading about this little boy getting a new small child.  Everything the new small child does gets the same response "you can't be angry because the small person is small".

If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson
I cannot wait to read this to my students!  The story illustrates how planting a seed of kindness goes a long way.  My students really need to be reminded of this!

We Dig Worms! by Kevin McCloskey
This non-fiction book is very informative.  It reads like an non-fiction book... which aren't my favorite.  Students will learn all about worms. Yuck!

What James Said by Liz Rosenburg
The lesson learned from this book is to not believe everything you hear.  Always go to the source before you get made.

I Don't Want to be a Frog by Dave Petty
Baby frog doesn't want to be a frog.  He wants to be every animal BUT a frog until he learns that the wolf likes to eat all the animals BUT frogs.

Hoot Owl Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor
Owl is a  master of disguise.  He uses his disguises to catch his prey... except he never seems to be able to catch his prey.

Race Car Count by Rebecca Kai Dotlich
This is a cute rhyming counting book.  Little kids learning to count and learning colors will really enjoy this book.

It's Only Stanley by Jon Agee
Weird noises keep waking up the Wimbledon family.  When Dad goes to investigate he always comes back with "It's only Stanley fixing the oil tank." or "It's only Stanley cleaning the bathtub drain." Stanley, the family dog, continues to wake the family doing crazy odd jobs... for a dog.  In this silly rhyming book, Stanley ends up turning the family house into a rocket ship and take them all to space!

P. Zonka Lays an Egg by Julie Paschkis
P. Zonka is terribly teased by the other hens because she doesn't lay egss.  Until one day she tries really hard and lays a beautiful egg with so many colors.

Polar Bears Underwear by Tupera Tupera
This book is going to be so fun to read aloud!  Polar Bear loses his underwear and is on a hunt with mouse to find it.  Oh the giggles that will be heard in the library when this one is read out loud!

What This Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig by Emma J Virjan
Pig gets a wig and a boat and a moat and a frog and dog and a log.... Pig gets tired of all the things she gets!  She sends them all back then realizes she's a little lonely.

Glutter and Hum/Aleteo y Zumbido: Animal Poems/Poemas de Animales by Julie Paschkis
This book is a collection of some fun, short poems.  They are written in both Spanish and English.  My plan is to have one of our Bilingual teachers or paraprofessionals read this book with me.  I'll record us and show the students.

Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins
Bruce, the black bear, gets a box of ducklings who immediately see him as... Mommy!  Bruce does everything he can to get rid of the little annoying things but ends up falling in love with them.

The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton
The poor, little princess is so overprotected!  She just wants to have fun!  She wants a horse like the other warriors but all she gets is a cute, little pony.  When the princess and the pony end up in a battle with the warriors she is shocked by the influence the pony has on the warriors.

And for myself:

Relentless by Karen Lynch
I'm about half way through this young adult urban fantasy.  Sara is trying to find out who... or what, murdered her father.  She ends up the focus of vampire who hunts her.  Her two best friends reveal their secret, so she tells them one of hers.  This is the first book in the series, I can't wait to read them all!

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Earlier this week I had a chance to collaborate with the school nurse.  She heads a program called Fuel Up to Play 60 at for our students.  Fuel Up to Play 60 teaches students how to exercise and eat health.

This year our school held the tailgate party.  We created a  committee consisting of the nurse, the gym teacher, the principal, a representative from A&M University and myself.  Sitting in the meeting I got to thinking how I could help as a librarian and highlight some materials the library had to help with a healthy lifestyle.

I put together the following brochure that parents picked up as they signed in.

This is the outside of the brochure.

This is the inside of the brochure.

We had a ton of booths set up.  We had a representative from Borden's Milk passing our chocolate milk, there was chicken and turkey hotdogs and turkey burger, SFA University student nurses had booth, some nurse took blood pressure and checked cholesterol.  Coach set up an obstacle course outside and inside the gym he marked off an area to walk.  I set up a Google Slides presentation about technology that can help in the race to get fit.  It ran on the wall of the gym so parents and students could view it while walking.  There were more booths but I can't remember them all.

It felt really good to highlight what the library could provide.  It was awesome to collaborate outside the classroom in a way that I wouldn't normally think to do (burning my box!).  It was interesting to see what we did as a team coming some different backgrounds that one person just couldn't do on their own.

Today I'm thankful I had this opportunity and look forward to burning my box again!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Podcasts vs. YouTube

 Podcasts vs. YouTube videos.

Do you have a preference? 

I'm a podcast kind of girl. I listen to a couple of regular podcasts every morning as I get ready for work. These are my favorites:

I like podcasts because I can listen to them while doing other things like getting ready in the morning, playing candy crush, exercising, cooking, driving, etc. 

I have mine set so they automatically download a new episode. So if I'm traveling I can listen without having to use my data. 

Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy YouTube videos but not as much as podcasts. I don't like to have my eyes glued to a screen. I also can't do multiple things on my phone/iPad while watching a video like I can with a podcast. They use my data if I'm not connected to WiFi. 

These are the channels I watch (the Duct Brand is my daughter's):

Which do you like better, podcasts or YouTube videos?

Monday, April 4, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I got my 2016 Texas 2x2s in from Sebco this past week!  I've been slowly adding some finishing touches to their processing.  Sebco already attached the barcodes and spine labels.  I just added the school's stamp inside, covered the store barcode with an address label with our school information on it, and put a Texas 2x2 sticker on the spine.

As I'm doing the above I read them.  That's the best part!

I, Fly: The Buzz About Flies and How Awesome they Are by Bridget Heos. This non-fiction book hooks you right from the begin!  Students are learning about boring butterflies when in flies a fly!  He's disappointed that yet again a class is studying about butterflies.  He starts to teach them all about how awesome flies are.  This book read more like a fiction book than a non-fiction book.  It was filled with facts but flowed like a story.

There's a Lion in My Cornflakes by Michelle Robinson  You know how companies encourage you to buy more of their product by giving you a prize?  Well, if you buy 100 boxes of cornflakes the company will send you a lion!  Except they run out of lions so they send you a bear.  That doesn't work out so they send you an alligator.  But that doesn't work our either so they send you... you get the picture right?  The animals cause all kinds of shenanigans!

Hippos are Huge by Jonathan London This was another non-fiction book that read like a fiction book. The facts where woven into the story so that you learned so much about hippos.  I had no idea they were one of the most dangerous animals in Africa!  I also like how there were little factoids scattered on the pages.  This book was filled with great information.

Fancy Nancy and the Saterday Night Sleepover by Jane O'Connor  I LOVE Fancy Nancy and all her fancy words!  I remember finding the first book and buying it for Reagan.  We bought every book O'Connor published while Reagan still read picture books.  Even now I grab a new book off the shelf to sit and read and reminisce about the good old days when Reagan was little.  I've digressed... this is suppose to be a review about the book. Ha!  In true Fancy Nancy style, we learn new fancy words for plain old boring ones.  Nancy and her little sister head to their neighbor, Mrs. DeVine's house.  Nancy is worried about her sister missing their parents but when it comes down too it, it's Nancy who misses them!

I started Relentless by Karen Lynch for myself yesterday between worship services yesterday.  It's a new fantasy series I'm starting.  The main character Sara has supernatural powers.  There's also vampires in the book.  What's not to like right there?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Shout Out Sunday: Granny

I mentioned here before that my Granny fractured her spine about 6 weeks ago. She's doing so much better!

Reagan and I stopped and saw her when we were in Houston yesterday. 

She's so strong and has a very high pain tolerance. She's bad about feeling better, doing to much, then feeling bad again. She did that Thursday and paid for it Friday. But Saturday she looked great. She's not one to slow down so this has been hard on her. 

She made me laugh. 

(This is not the funny part... keep reading) 

My aunt (my mom's little sister) had a bilateral lung transplant 6 or so years ago. She's had some major ups and downs here lately. 

The summer of 2015 she took a series of falls breaking her ankle, wrist, elbow, and pulling a muscle really bad. 

The end of 2015 my aunt got the adult version of RSV from her baby grandson. As someone who's had a bilateral lung transplant... that's not good. 

Just as she starts to recover from one thing something else happens. 

Now she has a fungus on one (or both?) her lungs. Saturday while we were at Granny's, my aunt and uncle were on their way to Dallas (from Austin) to her specialist. 

And my granny says: And here I'm crying about a hurt back. 

Me: It's a little more than a hurt back Granny. I think a fractured spine is pretty  legit. 

Granny (laughs): You think that's ok to cry about? 

Me: Yea, I think it's ok to cry about a fractured spine. 

That woman! She's in pain because of a fractured spine. Feels a bit frustrated that she can't run around like she normally does. And now she feels bad that she feels bad. My word!

My mom, Reagan, and I will take Granny to see my aunt this summer as long as everyone can manage not to break, fracture, or pull something. Maybe we should go early summer.... 

You have to laugh to keep from crying. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

No Braids For Me

Yesterday in the library:

Kindergarten: What are you doing this weekend Mrs. Taylor?

Me: Going to Houston to get my haircut. 

Kinder (as he grabs my hair): Oh! Are you going to get braids?

Me (giggling): No, just a trim. 

Love my students! 

Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools Eve Joke

I remember the moment, the exact moment Reagan fell in love with Harry Potter.  Not to take away from that moment but it might of had something to do with the fact that I had strep throat (during the summer no less) for the first time in 20 years.

I remember the feeling of comradery.  That although we had bonded over many things in her short life this was the first one I hadn't forced (forced is such a harsh word) on her, like Kindermusik, storytime at the library, Wiggles "concerts", etc.

I also had someone to talk nerdy too.  Some one who loved Harry and the gang as much as I do. Someone who would to take all the online quizzes with me (this was before Pottermore).  Someone to analysis the story with.  Someone to wish with me about aspects we wish we knew more about.

Then there's Twilight.  I love Twilight too.  It's hard for me say I which I love more, Harry Potter or Twilight because they're hard to compare.  I want Reagan to love Twilight too.  I want us to battle about which team we are on.  I want her to want to go back to Forks (cuz I really want to go back and need a better excuse than "I wanna go back").

So last night, April Fools Eve, I feel in the mood to watch Twilight.  I dig through all our DVDs and can't find it.  I look by our DVD player... it's not there neither.  I go back to digging through the DVDs cuz I have this really bad habit of not seeing things that are right in front of my face.  I still don't see it.  So I holler to Jay in the other room:

Me:  Do you know where my Twilight DVD is?

Jay: With the other DVDs?

Me:  No, I've looked twice.  It's not here.

Jay: OH! Reagan's been watching it.

Me: What?!?

Jay:  Yea, I think she's watched it quite a few times.

Me: But I wanted to watch those with her!

Enter Reagan

Reagan:  Sorry Mom.  But I have been watching Twilight.

Me:  But I wanted it to be our thing like Harry Potter.

Reagan:  Well, you weren't home and I decided to watch it.

I'm starting to feel really sad here but also excited at the prospects of me reliving Twilight through with her.

Me:  Ok, but don't watch the other ones without me.  Do you want my books to start?

Jay and Reagan in unison: APRIL FOOLS

Me:  Not funny!  Not funny at all!  Y'all better fine my DVD!

Yea, Jay found it in the second drawer that I had already looked in twice.

PS Happy Birthday Fred and George!