Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Podcasts vs. YouTube

 Podcasts vs. YouTube videos.

Do you have a preference? 

I'm a podcast kind of girl. I listen to a couple of regular podcasts every morning as I get ready for work. These are my favorites:

I like podcasts because I can listen to them while doing other things like getting ready in the morning, playing candy crush, exercising, cooking, driving, etc. 

I have mine set so they automatically download a new episode. So if I'm traveling I can listen without having to use my data. 

Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy YouTube videos but not as much as podcasts. I don't like to have my eyes glued to a screen. I also can't do multiple things on my phone/iPad while watching a video like I can with a podcast. They use my data if I'm not connected to WiFi. 

These are the channels I watch (the Duct Brand is my daughter's):

Which do you like better, podcasts or YouTube videos?


  1. I'm a podcast lover myself. Techlandia (educational), Tieso's Club Life (house music), and a runner's podcast called Groovelectric (funky mixes) are always ones that I seek out. I agree, I can download, plug in, and run, do dishes, or plug into my car and away I go without being tied to data or a screen! Thanks for the techie slice today! :)

  2. I do not have a preference but a recent article I read on improving yourself included listening to podcasts! So I really appreciate your list and encouragement. I think I'll get started!

  3. hmmmm....I love them both!