Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Nearly Died

I nearly die!!!! 

Nearly died right in the middle of my library!

I stuck my ring and middle finger in a ringworm on a student's head!!!! It was gooey! 


I scrubbed my fingers  (and hands) and antibacterialed (Is that a word? It is now!) but still I felt like I needed to cut off my fingers! 


I felt better after I talked to the school nurse. She said it's a ringworm scar. The mom put lubricant on the scar. The hair hasn't grown back. It was so bad he had to take oral meds.  

So I'm not dying. And I don't have to cut my fingers off. 

It was a close call people. A really close call. 

**Hi. My name's Linsey and I'm a germaphobe. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emily's Blue Period

I'm reading aloud a Bluebonnet book called Emily's Blue Period by Cathleen Daly to 3rd-5th grade this week. It's a sweet book about art and parents separating. I read it first to 5th grade.  

The 5th graders giggled every time I said blue period. 

I tried to ignore it at first. 

Then a student asked if there was a black period. I said yes that was a very dark PERIOD (trying to emphasize it was a time and not... a period) in your life. It's worse than a blue period (more giggles). 

I kept reading. 

Then the same student asked is there a pink period? I decided I now had to address the blue period. 

So I asked the student if he knew what it means to feel blue? He said yes. I asked what it meant. He said sad. I asked what it meant to feel black? He told me really sad like depressed. I asked if he has ever heard of someone feeling pink. He said no.  I told him to stop asking me about colors. 


I learned my lesson with 5th grade so with 3rd and 4th grade I started with the multiple definitions of blue and period.

Why couldn't Daly call the book Emily's Blue TIME?!? Or David's Blue Period? It would save me lots of giggles in the library. 

And let me be honest here. The first time I read the title, my mind went the same place the 5th graders did. Hahaha

Monday, September 28, 2015

What Are You Reading?

I'm listening to Gone With The Wind for the first time. I decided to start reading it after my friend & fellow librarian blogged about it.

See, I don't like classics. High school ruined them for me. The testing, the projects, the daily worksheets, well, that would ruin anything for anybody.  I cringe when someone mentions a classic and all I can think is "Blah! I hate classics!" 

I've been surprised at how much I'm enjoying Gone With The Wind. I am a little confused why everyone loves Scalot so much. She's so selfish, self-centered, and stubborn. I'm only on chapter 36 and I am starting to see how smart she is, how determined she is to make life work for her instead of her working for life. So maybe she'll turn around and I'll see why she's so loved. 

I've had to look up some of the terminology. I haven't heard of the terms Mitchell uses and I'm quite thankful for that.

When I'm done Jay and I are going to watch the movie. I've never see it either. 

What are you reading?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lost My Keys

Wednesday are always busy days. We have our faculty meetings on Wednesdays after school. And we have Bible study with the church Wednesday night. There just never seems to be enough hours in the afternoon on Wednesday. 

This past Wednesday was no different. I got to my house around 5:15. Unloaded my car. Packed my lunch for Thursday. Sat out what I need for breakfast the next morning. Chatted with Jay and Reagan for a minute then ran to get ready for Bible study while Jay & Reagan left for the church building early. 

I thought I'd get cleaned up as fast as I could then run to Whataburger to use my coupon for dinner. 

I'm about to walk out the door when... I. Can't. Find. My. Keys. 

I ALWAYS put them in the drawer in the laundry room as I walk into the house. But they weren't there. 

I searched the house over. No keys. I should probably tell you that I can never find anything. That's Jay's job. 

So I called Jay and asked if he knew where my keys were. He did not and neither did Reagan. Jay suggested some places to look but they weren't anywhere he suggested. 

So I kept looking. 

After digging through the laundry and the trash can (you never know) I called Jay back... in tears:

Me: I can't find my keys anywhere. I don't wanna eat the spaghetti in the freezer. I just want a burger from Whatabuger!

Jay: Oh Linsey. I'm sorry. You might have to call some one to come pick you up for Bible Study. 

Me: I just want a burger. I'm going to look in this drawer one more time and if it's not here I'll just eat the stupid spaghetti. 

I opened the drawer and MY KEYS WERE RIGHT THERE! I have NO IDEA how I missed them the first time I looked. 

I got my burger (purchased with the coupon) and made it to Bible study (with my keys). 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The summer of 2009 we headed to Disney for our family vacation. After four exciting and exhausting days we headed to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In all honesty we only went to Harry Potter for me. Jay doesn't love Harry Potter the way I do and Reagan was too young at the time to be into the books. 

So off we trecked to the park for me. 

As you can see in the picture below I mixed my fandoms. 

We were the second family in line for The Three Broomsticks. 

Reagan had a authentic English meal of... mac & cheese.... 

Shortly after we got back from this vacation I got strep throat. Reagan wanted to be with me but I was to sick to do anything so I suggested she go get the Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone audiobook off my shelf and we listen to it together. Barely a fourth of the way through she was begging to go back to The Wizarding World because she "didn't appreciate it when we went the first time."

I told her we'd go back when they expanded it. 

So 2015, we are headed back! We are going in November. I called this past weekend and planned out our time there.  Reagan and I are so excited to go back (Jay is too). 

Reagan and I had a lengthy discussion about what type of purse to bring with us. Reagan said a hipster was the best idea. I said a backpack would be best because we could put our purchases in it. We debated the pros and cons of each. Then I got a confirmation email from Universal saying "Complimentary delivery of merchandise purchased throughout the resort to your hotel." SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! So. Excited. About. This!

So 6 years later we are headed back. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

What I've Been Reading

I finished two thrillers back to back. I like thrillers but I try not to read them back to back. They can play games with my mind. I had some crazy dreams/nightmares after reading two of them back to back! 

I read The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. It was such a weird book! There were so many storylines. I had a hard time at first seeing how they all entwined but they did in the end. 

Then I ready You: a Novel by Caroline Kepnes. Such a creepy book! It was crazy (pun intended) to be in the stalkers head. I would of like to be in the girl's head to just to see if she saw what the reader was seeing. It's a series but I'm going to have to wait a couple of weeks before I start the next book. I can only hand so much craziness! 

So decided to go with a fantasy next. Although I'm not sure fantasy is quite the right genre. It's part fairy tale, part myth, part country living. I read Bone Gap by Laura Ruby. It was a nice change from the two thrillers!

I started Dog Crazy by Meg Donohue  last night. We have a black lab and there are three lab puppies (one black, two chocolate) on the front cover. Honestly, that's the only reason I decided to read this book. lol I got it free at TLA back in April. I'm really enjoying it. The main character is a pet bereavement counselor. I have always been interested in counseling/psychology so I really do like books with that theme. 

What are you reading? Anything I need to add to my To Read list?

Cold Front!

It's a high of 84 degrees today. That's down right cold for Texas! Ha!

Reagan, Maggie, and I sat out on the deck this morning. Reagan & I read and ate breakfast and Maggie people watched. 

After hubby got back from his 5 mile run we went on a picnic then walked around SFA's trails. 

Such awesome weather and fun times with the family!

Labeling Shelves

I wanted to start labeling my shelves last year but... time just got away from and I never got around to it. So I ordered some shelf marker from Demco in August and started labeling last week. 

They don't fit my bottom shelves exactly right but I'm going to try leaving them the way they are for a week or so and see how they do. If I have too I'll move everything up. I hope I don't have to do that though because I don't want too see the grey stripe on top of my shelves. 

I started in the Everybody section and the lower grade students haven't seem to noticed them yet. I'm excited to see what my upper grade  students think once I get the Fiction section finished!

As usual I missed calculated how many I needed so I'm going to have to buy more. It's embarrassing that I taught 6th-8th grade math for 4 years and I can't count shelves right!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Titles of Books

I read this Nerdy Book Club post today. 

It got me thinking whether I would remember the title of books if I read the physical book instead of the eBooks. 

I'm the same as the blogger, I never remember the titles. I also prefer my Kindle. I love being able to change the font size and style, the color of the background and the ease of always having my Kindle with me whether it be the app or the actual kindle. I like having immediate access to my public libraries' eBooks and my school library's eBooks. I like that Amazon has so many free eBooks that I can download in a heartbeat. 

So the post got me to thinking whether I'd remember the title of a book if I read the physical book vs the eBook. As I was thinking I realized that if I loved the book and/or it really touched me I do remember the title (the same goes for the author) but if I thought the book was just ok then I don't remember it. So I'm thinking that it doesn't matter for me whether the book is physical or an eBook. 

That post really made me think!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Kids crack me up. They say the funniest things! Sometimes listening to them is the only thing that gets me through my day. 

I asked a kindergarten student her name. 
She tells me. 
I ask how you spell it. 
She tells me sound it out (with her hands on her hips & head cocked to the side). 
I died laughing! I wonder how many times she's heard her teacher say that in the last two weeks?

I was getting ready to walk two Pre-K students out to their car when I asked if there was suppose to be a third kid with them. 
The boy told me yes. 
I asked what the other kids name was. 
He told me so I yelled the name. Some teachers yelled back if the last name was Brown. 
So I asked the Pre-k boy if he was Brown. 
He told me he's not brown he's white. 
I cracked up laughing! That taught me to word my sentences better!

I had 6 Pre-k students looking through books at a table in the library. A para was sitting with them asking them questions about the books they were looking at. 
She asked a little girl a question. 
The little girl told the para to put a bubble in her mouth that she was trying to read.
You can't even get mad cuz you know the teacher has probably said that a thousand times! So stinkin' funny!

Kids are hilarious!

Not in the Swing of Things

I haven't gotten back into the swing of the school routine. It's been 3 weeks.  It's amazing how 8 weeks of summer can reek havoc on a school routine!

Case in point. 

My dishwasher was full of clean dishes that we just kept pulling out dishes to use instead of taking the time to empty it. Cuz I'm just so tired at night! And my feet hurt like crazy and are swollen (this is new, getting old bites). 

It got to the point that the dirty dishes were over flowing out of the sink and onto the counter. Seriously! Where is my dish fairy?!

The dishwasher was almost empty (from us pulling out what we needed when we needed it) so I went ahead and emptied it and reloaded it. Except that all the dishes from the sink (and the counter) didn't fit in the dishwasher. 

So my sink runneth over.