Monday, September 7, 2015

Titles of Books

I read this Nerdy Book Club post today. 

It got me thinking whether I would remember the title of books if I read the physical book instead of the eBooks. 

I'm the same as the blogger, I never remember the titles. I also prefer my Kindle. I love being able to change the font size and style, the color of the background and the ease of always having my Kindle with me whether it be the app or the actual kindle. I like having immediate access to my public libraries' eBooks and my school library's eBooks. I like that Amazon has so many free eBooks that I can download in a heartbeat. 

So the post got me to thinking whether I'd remember the title of a book if I read the physical book vs the eBook. As I was thinking I realized that if I loved the book and/or it really touched me I do remember the title (the same goes for the author) but if I thought the book was just ok then I don't remember it. So I'm thinking that it doesn't matter for me whether the book is physical or an eBook. 

That post really made me think!

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