Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emily's Blue Period

I'm reading aloud a Bluebonnet book called Emily's Blue Period by Cathleen Daly to 3rd-5th grade this week. It's a sweet book about art and parents separating. I read it first to 5th grade.  

The 5th graders giggled every time I said blue period. 

I tried to ignore it at first. 

Then a student asked if there was a black period. I said yes that was a very dark PERIOD (trying to emphasize it was a time and not... a period) in your life. It's worse than a blue period (more giggles). 

I kept reading. 

Then the same student asked is there a pink period? I decided I now had to address the blue period. 

So I asked the student if he knew what it means to feel blue? He said yes. I asked what it meant. He said sad. I asked what it meant to feel black? He told me really sad like depressed. I asked if he has ever heard of someone feeling pink. He said no.  I told him to stop asking me about colors. 


I learned my lesson with 5th grade so with 3rd and 4th grade I started with the multiple definitions of blue and period.

Why couldn't Daly call the book Emily's Blue TIME?!? Or David's Blue Period? It would save me lots of giggles in the library. 

And let me be honest here. The first time I read the title, my mind went the same place the 5th graders did. Hahaha

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  1. ;) ah, the joys of 5th grade. Keep on keeping on.