Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lego Wall

My Lego wall is finally up! I have been working on the whole process since December. My fabulous principal gave me the go ahead back in December after I retweeted him a tweet of a library that  had a Lego wall. 

The district came out and attached the plywood and painted the edges for me.

Then the wait began. 

Between the requisition approval, the PO being done, Kaplan Toys mailing us the base plates, me not ordering enough base plates, repeating the above process for more base plates, it took 3 months. But the wait is over and it is done!

My supplies. 

Maintenance added a board at the bottom and leveled it so my base plates would be level and I wouldn't have to worry about that. 

I had to cut the edges to fit. I used Lego blocks to mark my edge and keep it straight when I was cutting it. 

I put the edge that I cut on the inside so the outside edge would be a smooth edge. 

It's done! I let the glue dry over night before I let the students play on it. 

Last I made a sign to direct students to the Lego wall and how to play here appropriately. 

What I've Learned

Day 31

This was the first time I participated in Slice of Life. I can't wait till next year! So this is what I've learned.

*I have more to write about than I thought I did. Which is stupid since I have so much to talk about. 

*Writing was easier than I thought.

*Writing was also harder than I thought. 

*Writing daily made me have more positive  thoughts about my day. Who knew?

*I'm a little scared to state my opinion so openly on the World Wide Web.

*I need to find more blogging challenges. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Donalyn Miller #EduLS

Day 30

If you are in anyway connected to reading then you NEED know Donalyn Miller!

I read her first book The Book Whisperer 11 years ago right before my daughter was born. My fabulous mother-in-law gave it to me (she's a retired Reading Recovery teacher).  I loved it so much that I past the book around to my mommy group. 

I'm currently reading her second book Wild Readers as a book study with my fellow district librarians. I wish I had read it while I was still a Deaf Ed teacher!

Today I listened to the Edu All-Stars podcast #72. Their guest was the one and only, Donalyn Miller! She is amazing! Not only do I love to read her writings but I loved listening to her talk about reading. 

I'm enrolled in a Scholastic webinar that she's doing April 30. I'm so excited about it!

I have learned so much from her about reading. About how to make children into readers. How to help them pick books. How to help them develop themselves as readers. And so much more. 

This post was inspired by Educator Learning Series Challenge #12. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rule Breaking

Day 29

I did it. I broke a rule. I don't usually break rules. I'm a rule follower. Except for... well... I might break the rules that I think are dumb. But those don't count. Because there dumb.

I'm not proud. It was a hard decision but I made a choice. 

I chose to wear white before Easter. Gasp! Wait is that still a fashion rule? I can't keep up. 

I'm so over winter! I thought the best way to show winter exactly how I feel about it was by wearing white. Take that winter! 

I'm feeling very springy today. And it feels glorious!

Rules are made to be broken. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Day 27

My mom mentioned a while back that she & my dad want to spend as much time with my daughter  (their granddaughter) as they can because they know that one day when my daughter grows up that she will be focusing her time & energy on her dad & me. 

That got me thinking about my granny & papa. My granny and papa were my absolute favorite people when I was growing up. Even as a teenager I loved them and wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. 

Like my mom said though I notice that now I don't spend as much time with my granny (my papa died 13 years ago... it seems like yesterday) as I once did. There are many reasons for this most of which have to do with us not living in Houston anymore (where my whole family lives). It's hard to see everyone we are suppose to see everytime or even every other time we visit. 

Add to that my hubby's schedule, my daughter's schedule, my schedule, my hubby's side of the family... well, it gets busy. 

It didn't seem this hard when we lived in Houston and only had to leave town to see my husband's family. Now there just never seems like enough time to be everywhere and see everyone. Such is life I guess. 

My daughter and my dad are best buds. True partners in crime. They are a little scary when they're together. Ha!

My daughter and mom are a force to be reckoned with! They make plans to shop, see movies, play cards, and anything else they can think of. 

I hate to see that end or maybe not end but change. 

Although I know my granny is there for me like she was when I was a kid, our relationship is still different. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Dirty Looks

Slice of Life
Day 27

We had Fired Up Friday today at school. I had a small group of seven 3rd graders. One is a student I had in my group at the beginning of the year. The other six are new to my group. 

The task was to review dramas, read a play then act it out. 

I tell all the students to read through the  play so they are familiar with the other parts. One of the girls gives me a dirty look. 

Me: Girl, I've got dirty looks that will put your dirty look to shame. I've got 38 years experience. 

Boy students: And she's given them all to me. 

I cracked up. I love these kids!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Librarian Meeting

Day 26

We had our district librarian meeting today. It was my first time to host it (I didn't host last year). I meant to take a picture of us at the meeting but I forgot. I did remember to take a picture of the table scape though. 

As always we had a great meeting. We made plans for our Battle of the Bluebonnets in May. So much fun!

Another high point was talking about our End of Year report. We chatted about it on Twitter Tuesday night (#txlchat). I was surprised at how many librarians either didn't know about them or don't use them. Sonja blogged about what we do on her blog. Check it out!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm the Winner!

Day 25


I should of blogged about months it ago! Because I know yesterday's post is what did it, why I beat the level! Ha!

Just so you know I do do more than play Candy Crush after work. I don't just ignore my family or housework or reading. 

I feel like I had to add that disclaimer at the end. :)

Monday, March 23, 2015


Day 24

I'm stuck. It's been months. I haven't moved forward. I don't know what I'm going to do. I've NEVER been stuck like this before. I'm not used to this feeling. I don't like it, being stuck for months.

Stuck on level 452 of Candy Crush! (What did you think I was talking about?)

This level will be the death of me!

I'm ready to hand my phone over to a student and BEG, like down on my knees beg. Beg them to complete this level. It's educational, right?  Surely there's a TEK for this. It's logical, there are colors, counting down from 80. Am I stretching here? I'm desperate. Like I will buy you a coke and candy if you pass this level for me, for the love of Pete!

Yes, these are the things that plague my life. Don't you feel sorry for me?



Day 23

It was a good Monday back after Spring Break!

I killed a wasp that got in a car while I was getting a student out during morning duty.  I felt like a hero!

A student brought a biography on Adam Levine to me to check out.  So I started singing a Maroon 5 song.  A student waiting in line started shaking his head saying "Nope. Na uh. No."  So I gave him a look and asked "What are you saying no too?  My singing or Adam Levine?  You better answer correctly." He looked so panicked! I burst into laughter and hugged him.  He got tickled too. 

I said farts instead of parts while I had a 3rd grade class in the library.  We all lost it!  Nothing better than a little bathroom humor.

I'm having a contest in the library this week.  Whichever class checks out the most books (including the teacher) gets a pizza party with me.  A 4th grade teacher was sitting and waiting for her class to check out books.  One of her students started pulling on her arm saying "Get up and find some books to check out! Help us win this pizza party!" Love a competitor and encourager!

I tweeted Oliver Jeffers illustrator of The Day The Crayons Quit this afternoon.  A 3rd grader asked why his name was upside down on the cover.  So I told the student I would tweet him and ask. Hopefully he'll tweet back!

I'm looking forward to our crockpot meal tonight (bless the person who invented the crockpot!).  We plan to eat outside since the weather is so nice and then go for a walk.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Do You Reread a Book Before Seeing the Movie?

Day 22

Hubby and I went on a date Friday night. We went to see Insurgent and to dinner.  I really liked the movie (the burger we split was good too)!

Hubby sent me an article this morning about how different the movie was from the book.  I read the series years ago.  I don't remember the details of the book.  I do remember most of the major events though.

I've learned (the hard way) that I enjoy book to movie adaptations better if I do not reread the book before I see the movie.

I have wasted many a movie sitting there saying "That didn't happen in the book", "Why couldn't they keep it the way it was in the book?", "Well that was just plain stupid!", "Seriously! Did the screenwriter even read the book?" etc, etc, etc.  Basically driving my husband crazy during the movie.  Bless him!

It all started with Hunger Games.  There were so many other books that I wanted to read that I didn't take the time to reread Hunger Games.  I LOVED the movie.  So my new journey began.

I don't reread books that are coming out as movies.  It's crazy how much more I enjoy the movies when I don't reread the book.

So my question that will be to the world changing:  Do reread books before seeing the movie?

This is me...

Day 21

I recently read a post This Is Me...  on the blog I-Here-Now. The blogger, Kimber, attended a writing workshop where she had to finish the following statements. She suggested we give it a try too. So... I did. It's quite an insight exercise. 

I am NOT:

I am not heartless. 
I am not always happy. 
I am not perfect. 
I am not a country girl. 
I am not shy. 
I am not afraid of change. 
I am not an introvert. 
I am not overly sensitive. 
I am not a homebody. 
I am not secretive. 
I am not just one thing. 


I am a Christian. 
I am realistic. 
I am honest. 
I am more than my Facebook tells you I am. 
I am happy most of the time. 
I am a wife. 
I am a mom.
I am a daughter. 
I am striving to be a better person. 
I am a reader. 
I am a city girl. 
I am some one who tells it like it is. 
I am techie. 
I am a best friend. 
I am a terrible speller. 
I am loyal. 
I am an open book. 
I am many things. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

I hate being scared!

Day 20

I took our dog out to go potty last night before we went to bed. 

I was looking down at my phone while standing on the front porch waiting for her to do her business when I heard this loud growl. In my peripheral vision I see this big, dark, large dog charging my dog. 

I screamed so loud. I was hoping to get my husbands attention who was inside the house to come out and help me save our dog. I was scared to death! 

Only to seconds later realized that it was my husband who had a blanket up over his head stretched out between his two arms yelling at the dog. 

(He later told me he was trying to scare the dog. Nope, he didn't scare the dog. But he scared me! He took two years off my life!)

I spun around and went inside and slammed the door. I hate being scared! It does something to my emotions that caused me to cry instantly. So I'm sitting in the house sobbing and I can hear him and my daughter outside laughing. They had no idea how bad I had been scared. 

When they came inside my daughter gave me a big hug. My husband explain that he truly was not trying to scare me because he knows how much I hate it but he was trying to scare the dog.

Total backfire! 

I sobbed for a good three or four minutes.

I know it's a ridiculous reaction but I truly hate being scared. I don't watch scary movies. I don't go to haunted houses. I don't do anything that could possibly scare me and cause me to cry. 

I did finally gain control of myself. I told my husband (jokingly... kind of) I was mad at him. He laughed "I wasn't even trying to get you!" 

That did make it a little bit easier to get over.

Lesson learned. My eyes will never leave my dog when she goes outside to potty at night!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Playing, Mahjong, & Movies

Day 19

While drinking my delicious cup of goodness (AKA coffee) this morning my black lab brought me her rope ball. We started playing a game of tug of war. I was pulling when she let go and I whacked myself in the face. That's one way to wake yourself up! Ha!

Mid morning  my daughter and I went to a friend's house. The kids played outside and got good and muddy. Us mommies played Majongg and caught up with each other. We realized the last time we played Majongg together was back in July. July! I don't know how it's been so long. Life got in the way I guess. 

After, my daughter and I went to see Cinderella. I'm not a fan of fairy tales but I really did enjoy the movie. Who knew Prince Charming's real name is Kit? I sure didn't. We always get popcorn at the movies. We buy the popcorn bucket in January so we refill it every time we go to the movies. We wait to eat our popcorn once the movie starts so I had the popcorn bucket on the floor waiting for the movie to start. I put my foot IN THE BUCKET! My foot was IN my popcorn! Seriously! I had to laugh.

I was smart and threw a pork butt in the crockpot this morning (here's the recipe). So dinner is ready and waiting for us to eat. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Day 18

My friend and I had free skating coupons for our girls (her 3, my 1). We took them today. They are exhausted after three hours of circling the ring.

I wish I could still skate. What a great workout that would be! Round & round & round I'd go, pounds shedding behind me. But I can barely walk across a flat surface with shoes one much less shoes with wheels. I've never broken anything and I'd like to keep it that way. 

So my good friend and I sat, drank coffee & caught up with each other with only a few interruptions. Considering we had four girls between us ranging from 11-2 years old the interruptions weren't as many as you'd think. 

We are about the head to Bible study tonight. A great way to end a day. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Four Generations of Women

Day 17

My granny, mom, daughter and I met for lunch and some shopping today. My 80 *cough cough* something year old granny is very young and vibrant. She still gets out and goes and does. In her 70s she would out last my mom and me. Now in her 80s she's slowing down a little.

She didn't walk as fast as normal today. She kept up with us though. Her mind is still good.  

I think it's awesome for my daughter to have four generations of strong women in her life. 

My great grandmother was still alive when my daughter (her great great grandmother!) was born. We have a picture of five generations of women. We had planned to get a new picture every year but my great grandmother died a couple of months after the picture was taken. The picture hangs framed in our hallway. 

I'm glad we got to spend time together today!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mustang Dreams

Day 16

My daughter says she's taking donations for her graduation present... she's in 6th grade. Hahaha

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shopping & Hugs

Day 15

Don't you hate when you ask where something is located only to realize that it's right in front of your face? Yea, me too.

While shopping at Ann Taylor Loft Outlet for an Easter dress I stopped a worker & asked where a white shirt was located. The guy smile & said your hot. Honestly... at first I thought he was hitting on me. Then I realized we were playing the hot/cold game.  Ha!

So I scanned the displays around me & I spotted them just to my left. I chuckled & said I'm glad it wasn't a snake. Then the guy hugged me & I hugged him back.

And I thought this is how I know I live in the south.  We are friendly. We hug random people we don't know.  And we laugh at ourselves. Maybe that part's not South. That's just me. I can laugh at myself.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sunshine & Shopping

Day 14

It's so amazing to see the sunshine again! I'd never be able to live in Seattle.

My mom, daughter & I got a late start this morning. I didn't roll out of bed until 9:30! That's what a Book Fair does to ya. Ha!

We went shopping at the outdoor outlet. It was the perfect day for an outdoor mall!

We got some new shoes, shirts & Easter clothes for my little family.

My mom has the crock pot going so we don't have to worry about dinner. We're taking advantage of the extra daylight & the sun & eating dinner outside.

It's been the perfect start to our Spring Break!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Phone Went For a Swim... in the Toilet

Day 13

I dropped my phone in the toilet this morning.  It decided to jump out of my back pocket and submerged itself. Right. In. The. Toilet.

I wanted to cry.

Now it's got... bathroom germs on it.  For a germaphobe, this is bad.

I pulled it out.  Took the case off and washed it.  I rinsed the phone (I'll sanitize it if it survives) and put it in a baggie with a bunch of those little dry packs you get in shoe boxes (I've dropped my phone in water before so I was prepared... never in the toilet though.).  I'll leave it in the baggie for 24 hours.

I hope it lives.

It's time for Spring break!  4:00 can't come fast enough today!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sharing Shoes

Day 11

My 11 year old (going on 18!) daughter and I wear the same size shoes now.  We've doubled our shoes! Well, she has because I have a lot of shoes.  My shoes collection has grown maybe 20%. 

This morning I was searching for my brown Toms and couldn't find them.  So I ask my daughter if she had them.  

Yeap, she had them.

But now they have a hole in the top that her big toe rubbed through.

Now I have to shop for shoes... which is fine because I love shopping!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cranky Pants & Hugs

Day 10

As I was trying to fall asleep last night I realized I forgot to grab some Dum Dum from the store yesterday afternoon.  I decided I'd have to skip breakfast with my daughter and run to Walmart and get some before school started.  If students donate $0.25 to my book fair they get to pick a Dum Dum, if it has a black tip they get a free poster.  I went through 264 in two days!

Even though I didn't eat breakfast with my daughter I was still running behind.  I hate feeling rushed! I ran to Walmart, couldn't find the Dum Dums.  I was starting to lose my patience when they suddenly appeared on the very top shelf.  I bought a bag of 300... I wish I had bought 2 bags now.

Although I wasn't technically running late, I don't have to be at school until 7:30, I was late for me.  I like to get to school early to get settled, drink 1/2 a cup of coffee, and get my library going before I have to be at car rider duty.

So I was rushing.  I hate rushing.  

As I'm trying to hurry to my library a sub stopped me and wanted to know why I didn't have cook books and Spanish books in my Book Fair.  I was short with her.  I don't like being short with people. It wasn't her fault I was behind in my normal routine.

I turned my coffee pot on... I forgot to get my coffee ready before I left school yesterday.  That was the last straw.  I was wound tighter than a $2 watch.

When I got to duty I knew I was close to blowing up.  So I asked my co-worker for a hug.

That hug was all it took to recenter myself.  I'm lucky to work with an amazing group of teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators.  They make my day better.  They make my job fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Day 9

Jeans!  I don't like wearing them.  They're tight.  They're binding. They don't stretch even though I buy the stretchy kind.  They're not comfy like yoga pants (which by the way my yoga pants have never actually been involved in Yoga).  They don't stretch like yoga pants.  They don't give like yoga pants.  They're not loose like yoga pants.  I LOVE yoga pants.  I wish I had a pair in every color and style.  That's my dream wardrobe.

Yet, if we get to wear jeans to work, it's like I've struck gold!  I whoop, I holler, I run around like a dog chancing her tail, I throw my hands in hand (like I just don't care.  Sorry, I had to go there).  I'm so excited!  Jeans!

If we have to pay to wear jeans, I'm the first in line with my cash, excitedly waiting to be handed my Jeans Pass. I lovingly and carefully tape my Jeans Pass to my window for all to see that I paid for the privilege to wear these bad boys.

I have 6 1/2 weeks of jeans!  I donated to the United Way so I got 2 weeks for that.  I donated to my Book Fair, I got the month of April for that.  6 1/2 weeks of jeans!

Yet, I hate jeans.  But I'll pay for them.  Oh the irony....

I wonder what I'd being willing to pay for yoga pants...?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Book Fair!

Day 8

What a whirlwind!  My Book Fair started today.  It has been so busy!  I have a love/hate relationship with the Book Fair.  It's so much work.  By the end of the week I'm dying! But the kids love it.  Their excitement makes it all worth it.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

College Basketball

Day 6

Last night five families (including my own) went to SFA vs Sam Houston basketball game. Even though they are rivals I attended both universities. I got my Bachelor's at SFA in Deaf Education & my Master's in Library Science from Sam. Since I was at SFA I thought it was safer best if I showed my support to them.

I did text my friend who works for SFA that if I didn't think I'd get lynched I'd wear my Sam shirt. She said that it would be awkward when she lynched me. Haha

I don't know much about basketball. We're baseball people. But we still had fun watching the game & being with our friends.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday Happenings

Day 6

I'll never understand why I wake early when I don't have too. Like this morning. My eyes sprung open at 6:43. Although 53 minutes later than I wake up for school (& by my school I mean work. I never call work work. It'll always be school.) but not as late as I'd like to wake up. The older I've gotten the less I sleep late. Oh well. It's not a big deal just one of life's little annoyances. A first world problem really.

My family & I enjoyed a midmorning birthday party and this evening we are headed to a college basketball game with friends. 

Throw in a little professional development reading, rearranging of the cabinet that contains our cups/glasses (why does my family of 3 have so many cups?!), hubby fixing the electricity that flows to the kitchen lights, did my Bible lessons and you have an all around a good Saturday. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Google Hangout Poem

Day 5

I did my first Google Hangout with a Kindergarten campus in Crosby ISD!  Typical with technology, we had a problem.  The Kindergarten teacher's call to me wastn't going through.  Luckily when I called her it went through.  Her precious students had blue hair hats from Dr. Seuss.  They were so cute! I read Patch from the Texas 2X2 list.  We laughed our way through it!  I hope I get to do something like this again!

First Google Hangout
With a Kindergarten campus
Call wasn't going through
I called her
It went through
Precious students
Blue hair hats
Dr. Seuss!
Read Patch
Texas 2X2 winner
I hope to do it

Doing a poem was suggested on Two Writing Teacher's blog.  Writing a poem was easier than I thought it!  I'm glad I tried it!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

75 Degrees With a Chance of Snow

Day 4

It was a warm balmy 75 degree day yesterday here in Texas. My hair was nice and frizzy, sticking out a good inch from my head.  My jean jacket had been removed, it was just to warm for it.  Yes folks, I was a hot mess.

Ping! Goes my email on that humid afternoon. I race across my library to check it. It was from the district informing us that we have a late start tomorrow because of mixed rain/snow/sleet. In case you missed it, we got this message on a 75 degree day!

Yeap, that's Texas! Flip flops and shorts in the morning and coats and boots in the afternoon.

I can get down with 9:30 starts! 9:30-4:00 is pretty awesome!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Girls' Night!

Day 3

I had been counting down the hours since 6:00 yesterday morning, 12 1/2 hours left. Occasionally during the day I would get a text with just the hours left, no message.

Finally 6:30 arrive... GIRLS' NIGHT!  Actually we were late so... Finally 6:39 arrived! Five of my girlfriends and I went out for a much needed Girls' Night.  It's funny because not long ago we would of called these kind of nights a Mommy's Night Out. We've moved up in the world and graduated to Girls' Night (make sure you say "Girls' Night" in a singsong voice).

We started off at a wonderful little hole in the wall Greek/Mexican food restaurant.  Odd combo but it works!  Normally I get their gryos or hummus wraps (which ALWAYS ends up on my shirt) but they recently added grilled fajita meat as an option so I ordered a 10 inch grill chicken wheat burrito.  It was yummy!  And ate my weight in chips and salsa... chips and salsa will be the death of me!

We told funny stories about work and family.   Caught each other up on life.  The more babies added to the group the less time we have with each other.  These nights are much needed! I recently read on someone's blog (I wish I could remember who's blog... I'd like to link it here) that laughing was internal jogging.  We internally jogged all night!

After we ate dinner we went to Starbucks.  Since the Praline Crunch is seasonal (who knew Praline Crunch was something you can only have at Christmas?  I knew the Pumpkin rule but not the Praline Crunch rule) I tried the Flat White.  It was ok.  I think I'll stick with an Americana or the daily brew next time.  Anyway, we internally jogged some more.  Since we are middle age, have jobs and kids we called it early and were all home by 10:00.  I miss summers when we stay out to 10:30... I know, scandalous! 

I'm lucky to have been blessed with an amazing group of friends!

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.-Henry Ford

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Powerful Book

Day 2

I finished listening to a powerful book today, The Price of Silence: A Mom's Perspective on Mental Illness by 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Slice of Life Challenge

Since I'm new to the blogging life I decided I'd take the Slice of Life challenge put on by Two Writing Teachers.  My friend and fellow librarian The Sassy Bibliophile is doing it.  I remember reading her posts last year.  I read one today and I thought this word be a great way for me to work on my writing skills, polish them up a bit... or a lot (I think it's more like a lot!).

This morning I was surprised to find out that we were doing benchmark testing at school.  So my plans to show the Book Fair's Author video were... changed.  I've been showing it to the classes who come in the afternoon but my morning classes are missing it.

So this morning with my block of time I finished filling in my Book Fair posters and posted them around the school.  I also sent out two emails to teachers.  One explaining all the papers I put in teachers' boxes and a second letting teachers know that if they donate $20 to the Book Fair they can wear jeans the whole month of April. The donated money will be use to purchase books for students who can't afford to buy books.  I already had one teacher bring me a her check.  I think she's excited about the jeans!

I also worked on a Thinglink about Easter (for the Educator Learning Series, #EduLS).  The week before Easter I'm going to read poems about Easter to 3rd-5th grade.  Then I'll show the students my Thinglink.  It's the first one I've ever done.  I'd like to try using it during a professional development instead of Power Point or Prezi.  Not that there's anything wrong with either of those tools, Thinglink is just something different to try.