Monday, March 23, 2015


Day 23

It was a good Monday back after Spring Break!

I killed a wasp that got in a car while I was getting a student out during morning duty.  I felt like a hero!

A student brought a biography on Adam Levine to me to check out.  So I started singing a Maroon 5 song.  A student waiting in line started shaking his head saying "Nope. Na uh. No."  So I gave him a look and asked "What are you saying no too?  My singing or Adam Levine?  You better answer correctly." He looked so panicked! I burst into laughter and hugged him.  He got tickled too. 

I said farts instead of parts while I had a 3rd grade class in the library.  We all lost it!  Nothing better than a little bathroom humor.

I'm having a contest in the library this week.  Whichever class checks out the most books (including the teacher) gets a pizza party with me.  A 4th grade teacher was sitting and waiting for her class to check out books.  One of her students started pulling on her arm saying "Get up and find some books to check out! Help us win this pizza party!" Love a competitor and encourager!

I tweeted Oliver Jeffers illustrator of The Day The Crayons Quit this afternoon.  A 3rd grader asked why his name was upside down on the cover.  So I told the student I would tweet him and ask. Hopefully he'll tweet back!

I'm looking forward to our crockpot meal tonight (bless the person who invented the crockpot!).  We plan to eat outside since the weather is so nice and then go for a walk.


  1. Love the days when the world is on a string --- just like this. Your slice made my heart smile!

  2. Love the days when the world is on a string --- just like this. Your slice made my heart smile!

  3. Wow, I could feel you smiling throughout that whole slice. I wish I would have read this before I started my Monday, especially since it snowed by me. Your excitement is contagious! Thanks for the bright spot in my dreary day!

  4. sounds like a GREAT way to start back after the break!

  5. Glad you had a great day back. I don't have "spring" break for 3 more weeks and I can't wait! Love the "part" about the "fart' word. Today while teaching my class how to play Yahtzee, I accidentally said, "If you get a crappy roll, you can take a chance or scratch it." Throughout the whole game, I overhead kids saying, "Oh, that's a crappy roll." Oops!