Sunday, March 8, 2015

College Basketball

Day 6

Last night five families (including my own) went to SFA vs Sam Houston basketball game. Even though they are rivals I attended both universities. I got my Bachelor's at SFA in Deaf Education & my Master's in Library Science from Sam. Since I was at SFA I thought it was safer best if I showed my support to them.

I did text my friend who works for SFA that if I didn't think I'd get lynched I'd wear my Sam shirt. She said that it would be awkward when she lynched me. Haha

I don't know much about basketball. We're baseball people. But we still had fun watching the game & being with our friends.


  1. Love both sports! Sounds like you had great fun!

  2. That sounds like a great Saturday night. I love when you mentioned that your friend would have lynched you if you wore the opposing teams shirt. And I love the family picture!