Thursday, March 5, 2015

75 Degrees With a Chance of Snow

Day 4

It was a warm balmy 75 degree day yesterday here in Texas. My hair was nice and frizzy, sticking out a good inch from my head.  My jean jacket had been removed, it was just to warm for it.  Yes folks, I was a hot mess.

Ping! Goes my email on that humid afternoon. I race across my library to check it. It was from the district informing us that we have a late start tomorrow because of mixed rain/snow/sleet. In case you missed it, we got this message on a 75 degree day!

Yeap, that's Texas! Flip flops and shorts in the morning and coats and boots in the afternoon.

I can get down with 9:30 starts! 9:30-4:00 is pretty awesome!


  1. That does go from one extreme to another doesn't it! I would love to see 75 instead of the 3 more inches we got yesterday!

  2. Oh your Slice makes me long for spring, as I look out my window at the snow that refuses to melt. I love that you added the meme to your Slice because it really made me laugh out loud. I hope you enjoy your late start tomorrow!

  3. Wow. I know Indiana weather changes, but I hadn't heard that from Texas. Glad you get to enjoy the warm weather often though. I am seeing the sun shining through today even if it is in single digits outside.