Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sharing Shoes

Day 11

My 11 year old (going on 18!) daughter and I wear the same size shoes now.  We've doubled our shoes! Well, she has because I have a lot of shoes.  My shoes collection has grown maybe 20%. 

This morning I was searching for my brown Toms and couldn't find them.  So I ask my daughter if she had them.  

Yeap, she had them.

But now they have a hole in the top that her big toe rubbed through.

Now I have to shop for shoes... which is fine because I love shopping!


  1. My 18 year old and I share shoes, too! Well, I should say she wears my shoes while I rarely wear her shoes. But I love that we're the same size, and I get a little thrill when she asks to borrow a pair - mom's not so out of style after all! Take the compliment, and enjoy your shopping!

  2. Exciting and scary at the same time!

  3. Oh that stinks! I totally used to do that to my mom (and I still do). But at least you get to go and do something that you love!