Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lego Wall

My Lego wall is finally up! I have been working on the whole process since December. My fabulous principal gave me the go ahead back in December after I retweeted him a tweet of a library that  had a Lego wall. 

The district came out and attached the plywood and painted the edges for me.

Then the wait began. 

Between the requisition approval, the PO being done, Kaplan Toys mailing us the base plates, me not ordering enough base plates, repeating the above process for more base plates, it took 3 months. But the wait is over and it is done!

My supplies. 

Maintenance added a board at the bottom and leveled it so my base plates would be level and I wouldn't have to worry about that. 

I had to cut the edges to fit. I used Lego blocks to mark my edge and keep it straight when I was cutting it. 

I put the edge that I cut on the inside so the outside edge would be a smooth edge. 

It's done! I let the glue dry over night before I let the students play on it. 

Last I made a sign to direct students to the Lego wall and how to play here appropriately. 

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