Saturday, March 28, 2015


Day 27

My mom mentioned a while back that she & my dad want to spend as much time with my daughter  (their granddaughter) as they can because they know that one day when my daughter grows up that she will be focusing her time & energy on her dad & me. 

That got me thinking about my granny & papa. My granny and papa were my absolute favorite people when I was growing up. Even as a teenager I loved them and wanted to spend as much time with them as I could. 

Like my mom said though I notice that now I don't spend as much time with my granny (my papa died 13 years ago... it seems like yesterday) as I once did. There are many reasons for this most of which have to do with us not living in Houston anymore (where my whole family lives). It's hard to see everyone we are suppose to see everytime or even every other time we visit. 

Add to that my hubby's schedule, my daughter's schedule, my schedule, my hubby's side of the family... well, it gets busy. 

It didn't seem this hard when we lived in Houston and only had to leave town to see my husband's family. Now there just never seems like enough time to be everywhere and see everyone. Such is life I guess. 

My daughter and my dad are best buds. True partners in crime. They are a little scary when they're together. Ha!

My daughter and mom are a force to be reckoned with! They make plans to shop, see movies, play cards, and anything else they can think of. 

I hate to see that end or maybe not end but change. 

Although I know my granny is there for me like she was when I was a kid, our relationship is still different. 

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