Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday Happenings

Day 6

I'll never understand why I wake early when I don't have too. Like this morning. My eyes sprung open at 6:43. Although 53 minutes later than I wake up for school (& by my school I mean work. I never call work work. It'll always be school.) but not as late as I'd like to wake up. The older I've gotten the less I sleep late. Oh well. It's not a big deal just one of life's little annoyances. A first world problem really.

My family & I enjoyed a midmorning birthday party and this evening we are headed to a college basketball game with friends. 

Throw in a little professional development reading, rearranging of the cabinet that contains our cups/glasses (why does my family of 3 have so many cups?!), hubby fixing the electricity that flows to the kitchen lights, did my Bible lessons and you have an all around a good Saturday. 


  1. I remember when waking up before 10 on the weekends was absolutely unheard of. Those days are gone!

  2. Happy Saturday! How are you liking Reading in the Wild?

    1. I'm loving Reading in the Wild! What a fabulous book! It's interesting to me that I do everything Miller talks about in the book but never realized that's what makes me a wild reader.

  3. That does sound like a lovely Saturday! I have trouble sleeping in now too, so I try to enjoy the mornings more than I used to--I slept through plenty of them when I was a teenager!

  4. Oh productive Saturdays are the best! Thanks for sharing your day with us!