Saturday, March 21, 2015

This is me...

Day 21

I recently read a post This Is Me...  on the blog I-Here-Now. The blogger, Kimber, attended a writing workshop where she had to finish the following statements. She suggested we give it a try too. So... I did. It's quite an insight exercise. 

I am NOT:

I am not heartless. 
I am not always happy. 
I am not perfect. 
I am not a country girl. 
I am not shy. 
I am not afraid of change. 
I am not an introvert. 
I am not overly sensitive. 
I am not a homebody. 
I am not secretive. 
I am not just one thing. 


I am a Christian. 
I am realistic. 
I am honest. 
I am more than my Facebook tells you I am. 
I am happy most of the time. 
I am a wife. 
I am a mom.
I am a daughter. 
I am striving to be a better person. 
I am a reader. 
I am a city girl. 
I am some one who tells it like it is. 
I am techie. 
I am a best friend. 
I am a terrible speller. 
I am loyal. 
I am an open book. 
I am many things. 


  1. You learn so much about a person through this exercise. Your contributions tell us you are reflective. I must give it a try. Thanks for sharing the idea and your honesty.

  2. I can't wait to try this prompt! I can envision so many posts growing out of this exercise. I'd love to know more about so many of the things that you listed. I think that my favorite line was "I am not just one thing." That is such a powerful statement! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love this format. It reminds me of "I am from...." I will have to try this on for myself. Thanks.

  4. I love this format. It reminds me of "I am from...." I will have to try this on for myself. Thanks.

  5. I am planning to try this prompt soon! Thank you for sharing so much about yourself. This exercise is like a window into the writer's thoughts.

  6. This format is such a great idea to tell others a little more about you! I hope that I am also funnier than my Facebook page tells!

  7. I really like this format. I like the contrast between what you are and what you are not. I just may have to borrow this one day! ;)

  8. I love this. I may give this a try on a day I'm feeling honest.

  9. You said so much about yourself through this! I'm thinking that this would be a wonderful way to begin the school year, too.

  10. Thank you for sharing these things about yourself. So powerful how telling the list of things that aren't is, not just the list of who and what we are.

  11. I love it...I'm going to try it. This is a poem that gives insight into our lives and builds community. xo nanc

  12. I love this form. What great contrasts. I will use this for one of my posts.

  13. Like others I am going to have to try this! It is interesting what is revealed in this simple exercise. "I am more than my Facebook tells you I am." Made me giggle a bit!