Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Kids crack me up. They say the funniest things! Sometimes listening to them is the only thing that gets me through my day. 

I asked a kindergarten student her name. 
She tells me. 
I ask how you spell it. 
She tells me sound it out (with her hands on her hips & head cocked to the side). 
I died laughing! I wonder how many times she's heard her teacher say that in the last two weeks?

I was getting ready to walk two Pre-K students out to their car when I asked if there was suppose to be a third kid with them. 
The boy told me yes. 
I asked what the other kids name was. 
He told me so I yelled the name. Some teachers yelled back if the last name was Brown. 
So I asked the Pre-k boy if he was Brown. 
He told me he's not brown he's white. 
I cracked up laughing! That taught me to word my sentences better!

I had 6 Pre-k students looking through books at a table in the library. A para was sitting with them asking them questions about the books they were looking at. 
She asked a little girl a question. 
The little girl told the para to put a bubble in her mouth that she was trying to read.
You can't even get mad cuz you know the teacher has probably said that a thousand times! So stinkin' funny!

Kids are hilarious!

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  1. Kids are HILARIOUS! I teach first grade and everyday is a story! Like last week when the little guy replied "I didn't have a chance." When asked if he had hit a student who had hit him.