Saturday, September 12, 2015

What I've Been Reading

I finished two thrillers back to back. I like thrillers but I try not to read them back to back. They can play games with my mind. I had some crazy dreams/nightmares after reading two of them back to back! 

I read The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. It was such a weird book! There were so many storylines. I had a hard time at first seeing how they all entwined but they did in the end. 

Then I ready You: a Novel by Caroline Kepnes. Such a creepy book! It was crazy (pun intended) to be in the stalkers head. I would of like to be in the girl's head to just to see if she saw what the reader was seeing. It's a series but I'm going to have to wait a couple of weeks before I start the next book. I can only hand so much craziness! 

So decided to go with a fantasy next. Although I'm not sure fantasy is quite the right genre. It's part fairy tale, part myth, part country living. I read Bone Gap by Laura Ruby. It was a nice change from the two thrillers!

I started Dog Crazy by Meg Donohue  last night. We have a black lab and there are three lab puppies (one black, two chocolate) on the front cover. Honestly, that's the only reason I decided to read this book. lol I got it free at TLA back in April. I'm really enjoying it. The main character is a pet bereavement counselor. I have always been interested in counseling/psychology so I really do like books with that theme. 

What are you reading? Anything I need to add to my To Read list?

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