Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lost My Keys

Wednesday are always busy days. We have our faculty meetings on Wednesdays after school. And we have Bible study with the church Wednesday night. There just never seems to be enough hours in the afternoon on Wednesday. 

This past Wednesday was no different. I got to my house around 5:15. Unloaded my car. Packed my lunch for Thursday. Sat out what I need for breakfast the next morning. Chatted with Jay and Reagan for a minute then ran to get ready for Bible study while Jay & Reagan left for the church building early. 

I thought I'd get cleaned up as fast as I could then run to Whataburger to use my coupon for dinner. 

I'm about to walk out the door when... I. Can't. Find. My. Keys. 

I ALWAYS put them in the drawer in the laundry room as I walk into the house. But they weren't there. 

I searched the house over. No keys. I should probably tell you that I can never find anything. That's Jay's job. 

So I called Jay and asked if he knew where my keys were. He did not and neither did Reagan. Jay suggested some places to look but they weren't anywhere he suggested. 

So I kept looking. 

After digging through the laundry and the trash can (you never know) I called Jay back... in tears:

Me: I can't find my keys anywhere. I don't wanna eat the spaghetti in the freezer. I just want a burger from Whatabuger!

Jay: Oh Linsey. I'm sorry. You might have to call some one to come pick you up for Bible Study. 

Me: I just want a burger. I'm going to look in this drawer one more time and if it's not here I'll just eat the stupid spaghetti. 

I opened the drawer and MY KEYS WERE RIGHT THERE! I have NO IDEA how I missed them the first time I looked. 

I got my burger (purchased with the coupon) and made it to Bible study (with my keys). 


  1. ha! this used to be my life, too! hubby finally got fed up with me losing them and bought me the Tile. LIFE CHANGING!!! totally not kidding.

    1. I google Tile and oh my word! I need like 25 of them! Lol