Monday, September 28, 2015

What Are You Reading?

I'm listening to Gone With The Wind for the first time. I decided to start reading it after my friend & fellow librarian blogged about it.

See, I don't like classics. High school ruined them for me. The testing, the projects, the daily worksheets, well, that would ruin anything for anybody.  I cringe when someone mentions a classic and all I can think is "Blah! I hate classics!" 

I've been surprised at how much I'm enjoying Gone With The Wind. I am a little confused why everyone loves Scalot so much. She's so selfish, self-centered, and stubborn. I'm only on chapter 36 and I am starting to see how smart she is, how determined she is to make life work for her instead of her working for life. So maybe she'll turn around and I'll see why she's so loved. 

I've had to look up some of the terminology. I haven't heard of the terms Mitchell uses and I'm quite thankful for that.

When I'm done Jay and I are going to watch the movie. I've never see it either. 

What are you reading?

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