Saturday, September 5, 2015

Not in the Swing of Things

I haven't gotten back into the swing of the school routine. It's been 3 weeks.  It's amazing how 8 weeks of summer can reek havoc on a school routine!

Case in point. 

My dishwasher was full of clean dishes that we just kept pulling out dishes to use instead of taking the time to empty it. Cuz I'm just so tired at night! And my feet hurt like crazy and are swollen (this is new, getting old bites). 

It got to the point that the dirty dishes were over flowing out of the sink and onto the counter. Seriously! Where is my dish fairy?!

The dishwasher was almost empty (from us pulling out what we needed when we needed it) so I went ahead and emptied it and reloaded it. Except that all the dishes from the sink (and the counter) didn't fit in the dishwasher. 

So my sink runneth over. 


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