Sunday, April 3, 2016

Shout Out Sunday: Granny

I mentioned here before that my Granny fractured her spine about 6 weeks ago. She's doing so much better!

Reagan and I stopped and saw her when we were in Houston yesterday. 

She's so strong and has a very high pain tolerance. She's bad about feeling better, doing to much, then feeling bad again. She did that Thursday and paid for it Friday. But Saturday she looked great. She's not one to slow down so this has been hard on her. 

She made me laugh. 

(This is not the funny part... keep reading) 

My aunt (my mom's little sister) had a bilateral lung transplant 6 or so years ago. She's had some major ups and downs here lately. 

The summer of 2015 she took a series of falls breaking her ankle, wrist, elbow, and pulling a muscle really bad. 

The end of 2015 my aunt got the adult version of RSV from her baby grandson. As someone who's had a bilateral lung transplant... that's not good. 

Just as she starts to recover from one thing something else happens. 

Now she has a fungus on one (or both?) her lungs. Saturday while we were at Granny's, my aunt and uncle were on their way to Dallas (from Austin) to her specialist. 

And my granny says: And here I'm crying about a hurt back. 

Me: It's a little more than a hurt back Granny. I think a fractured spine is pretty  legit. 

Granny (laughs): You think that's ok to cry about? 

Me: Yea, I think it's ok to cry about a fractured spine. 

That woman! She's in pain because of a fractured spine. Feels a bit frustrated that she can't run around like she normally does. And now she feels bad that she feels bad. My word!

My mom, Reagan, and I will take Granny to see my aunt this summer as long as everyone can manage not to break, fracture, or pull something. Maybe we should go early summer.... 

You have to laugh to keep from crying. 

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