Monday, April 11, 2016

Thankful Thursday

As an only child, I crave alone time.  I need alone time.  I'm a better person because of alone time. But with a family, even a small 3 person family like ours, it's hard to get alone time.

Monday Jay and Reagan attended the the Astro's Opening Day home game.  The house was. all. mine.

After school I ran to the drug store to grab some cards, diapers for a diaper shower, and gift cards.  I called in an order to Cotton Patch to take back to the house.  And stopped at the movie theater and filled my popcorn bucket... I did not see a movie... I took that artery clogging popcorn to enjoy while I read a book later that night.

Ate dinner.  Alone.

Read.  Alone.

Ate my popcorn.  Alone. Well, Maggie loves popcorn too and was sitting by me quietly begging for some. 

I am thankful for that alone time.

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