Monday, April 11, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A couple of Mondays ago I started processing the new 2016 Texas 2x2s.  I finished up last week. It took me a little longer cuz I HAVE to read them too!  There are some real gems this year!

The New Small Person by Lauren Child
As an only child myself and having an only child I loved reading about this little boy getting a new small child.  Everything the new small child does gets the same response "you can't be angry because the small person is small".

If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson
I cannot wait to read this to my students!  The story illustrates how planting a seed of kindness goes a long way.  My students really need to be reminded of this!

We Dig Worms! by Kevin McCloskey
This non-fiction book is very informative.  It reads like an non-fiction book... which aren't my favorite.  Students will learn all about worms. Yuck!

What James Said by Liz Rosenburg
The lesson learned from this book is to not believe everything you hear.  Always go to the source before you get made.

I Don't Want to be a Frog by Dave Petty
Baby frog doesn't want to be a frog.  He wants to be every animal BUT a frog until he learns that the wolf likes to eat all the animals BUT frogs.

Hoot Owl Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor
Owl is a  master of disguise.  He uses his disguises to catch his prey... except he never seems to be able to catch his prey.

Race Car Count by Rebecca Kai Dotlich
This is a cute rhyming counting book.  Little kids learning to count and learning colors will really enjoy this book.

It's Only Stanley by Jon Agee
Weird noises keep waking up the Wimbledon family.  When Dad goes to investigate he always comes back with "It's only Stanley fixing the oil tank." or "It's only Stanley cleaning the bathtub drain." Stanley, the family dog, continues to wake the family doing crazy odd jobs... for a dog.  In this silly rhyming book, Stanley ends up turning the family house into a rocket ship and take them all to space!

P. Zonka Lays an Egg by Julie Paschkis
P. Zonka is terribly teased by the other hens because she doesn't lay egss.  Until one day she tries really hard and lays a beautiful egg with so many colors.

Polar Bears Underwear by Tupera Tupera
This book is going to be so fun to read aloud!  Polar Bear loses his underwear and is on a hunt with mouse to find it.  Oh the giggles that will be heard in the library when this one is read out loud!

What This Story Needs is a Pig in a Wig by Emma J Virjan
Pig gets a wig and a boat and a moat and a frog and dog and a log.... Pig gets tired of all the things she gets!  She sends them all back then realizes she's a little lonely.

Glutter and Hum/Aleteo y Zumbido: Animal Poems/Poemas de Animales by Julie Paschkis
This book is a collection of some fun, short poems.  They are written in both Spanish and English.  My plan is to have one of our Bilingual teachers or paraprofessionals read this book with me.  I'll record us and show the students.

Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins
Bruce, the black bear, gets a box of ducklings who immediately see him as... Mommy!  Bruce does everything he can to get rid of the little annoying things but ends up falling in love with them.

The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton
The poor, little princess is so overprotected!  She just wants to have fun!  She wants a horse like the other warriors but all she gets is a cute, little pony.  When the princess and the pony end up in a battle with the warriors she is shocked by the influence the pony has on the warriors.

And for myself:

Relentless by Karen Lynch
I'm about half way through this young adult urban fantasy.  Sara is trying to find out who... or what, murdered her father.  She ends up the focus of vampire who hunts her.  Her two best friends reveal their secret, so she tells them one of hers.  This is the first book in the series, I can't wait to read them all!

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