Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools Eve Joke

I remember the moment, the exact moment Reagan fell in love with Harry Potter.  Not to take away from that moment but it might of had something to do with the fact that I had strep throat (during the summer no less) for the first time in 20 years.

I remember the feeling of comradery.  That although we had bonded over many things in her short life this was the first one I hadn't forced (forced is such a harsh word) on her, like Kindermusik, storytime at the library, Wiggles "concerts", etc.

I also had someone to talk nerdy too.  Some one who loved Harry and the gang as much as I do. Someone who would to take all the online quizzes with me (this was before Pottermore).  Someone to analysis the story with.  Someone to wish with me about aspects we wish we knew more about.

Then there's Twilight.  I love Twilight too.  It's hard for me say I which I love more, Harry Potter or Twilight because they're hard to compare.  I want Reagan to love Twilight too.  I want us to battle about which team we are on.  I want her to want to go back to Forks (cuz I really want to go back and need a better excuse than "I wanna go back").

So last night, April Fools Eve, I feel in the mood to watch Twilight.  I dig through all our DVDs and can't find it.  I look by our DVD player... it's not there neither.  I go back to digging through the DVDs cuz I have this really bad habit of not seeing things that are right in front of my face.  I still don't see it.  So I holler to Jay in the other room:

Me:  Do you know where my Twilight DVD is?

Jay: With the other DVDs?

Me:  No, I've looked twice.  It's not here.

Jay: OH! Reagan's been watching it.

Me: What?!?

Jay:  Yea, I think she's watched it quite a few times.

Me: But I wanted to watch those with her!

Enter Reagan

Reagan:  Sorry Mom.  But I have been watching Twilight.

Me:  But I wanted it to be our thing like Harry Potter.

Reagan:  Well, you weren't home and I decided to watch it.

I'm starting to feel really sad here but also excited at the prospects of me reliving Twilight through with her.

Me:  Ok, but don't watch the other ones without me.  Do you want my books to start?

Jay and Reagan in unison: APRIL FOOLS

Me:  Not funny!  Not funny at all!  Y'all better fine my DVD!

Yea, Jay found it in the second drawer that I had already looked in twice.

PS Happy Birthday Fred and George!

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