Wednesday, March 9, 2016

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

My husband is notorious for stealing eating Reagan's and my chocolate.  There's not much more annoying that craving that piece of chocolate you know is in the pantry, going to go get it and... it's gone. #FirstWorldProblems Jay almost always replaces the chocolate but it's not until the next day.  Which isn't really helpful in the moment but still... it's nice of him?

It's become a family joke.  If chocolate comes up missing, Dad gets blamed.  Reagan and I hide chocolate.  Dad's found some of our hiding places.  We secretly eat chocolate in the bathroom, out on the deck, in the car on the way back from buying the chocolate.  Some times he catches us and begs for a bite.                                                                                                                                                              
I found this gem of a picture in the photo stream that Reagan and I share.  When I asked her about it and I got this story:  

Dear ol' daddy found Reagan's Kit-Kat in the refrigerator.  He took it, ran to the bedroom, took a selfie, and texted it to her. When she got the text she took off screaming through the house.  Some wrestling occurred.  Kit-Kat strips were counted.  Reagan realized Dad had not eaten any of the Kit-Kat but was just playing a joke on her.                                                                      

Messing with someone else's chocolate is serious offense in our house!


  1. I used to try Wordless Wednesday but had the same problem; I always wanted to add words!

  2. I used to tease/play such with my boys when they were young. This is so adorable and that picture is just hilarious. Your husband looks so dastardly it's comical. I want to draw a top hat and twirling mustache on it.

  3. hahahahaha! so funny! in my house, each of us recently found out that we ALL have our little hidey-spots because no one can be fully trusted. ;)