Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Am From....

Last March (my first time Slicing) I did an "I am..." poem.  In the comments some one said it reminded them of the "I Am From..." poem.  So googled it and found all kinds of examples.  I randomly chose one to do.

As I was filling in the blanks I thought this would be a fun 1st day/week of school "get to know you" activity.  Teachers and students could learn so much about each other.  It also works on writing and reading skills well as poetry.  Classes could do one at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year and see if "where they'rey from" had changed.

Doing this exercise also reminded me how thankful I am for where I came from.

Anyway... here's mine:

I Am From:

I am from Cabbage Patch Kids

From cassette tapes, boom boxes, and New Kids On The Block

I am from a three bedroom house

with two bathrooms

I am from bushes outside my window

That kept me from sneaking out of my house

I am from a 1985 white Silverado Chevy and a 21 foot camper

From Ellisons and Lindseys

and from blunt people and readers

from savers

I am from campers

From steak and potato salad

From Desert Storm

And from the Live Stock Show and Rodeo

                     A pink teddy bear

I am from the moments we played cards as a family
                     and went camping with family and friends


  1. I always love this type of poetry. One of my colleagues would take the most interesting line from each poem and create a "We are from" poem for each class.

  2. I love "Where I'm From" poems! I did them with my students a few years ago, and it's getting time to do them again soon! (I have students for several years so I can never reuse things for a few years.) I love the way this poem structure helps kids see how small details can be used to convey bigger ideas and feelings. :-)