Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Book Fair

My Book Fair was this week.  I'm always happy to see it come but boy am I happy to see it go!

This time Scholastic sent me two more cases and a ton more boxes.  I was so excited to hear this because it means that in the last year and half I've sold a lot more books.  Which is awesome!!! But when my family and I started putting everything out and it felt like we'd never be finished... I was not so excited.  Ha!

I'm so exhausted the end of every day during the Book Fair.  But seeing the students' excitement makes it so worth it.  

Thursday we had a literacy night at school.  Reagan came up to help me run the Book Fair.  I couldn't do it without her help!

Friday we have half a day before Spring Break so I closed the Book Fair at 11:45.  Unfortunately Jay had to be in Houston to do a funeral this afternoon so I paid one of our college students from church to come help me pack up.  He's out of work this semester so this is my contribution to his work fund.  


  1. Our book fair was this week too. Librarians who take care of the book fair deserve a good long massage, a foot rub, and a nap when the whole thing is over. You all work ceaselessly! And bless your families, also, since they always jump in to help. Job well done, I'm sure.

  2. Book fairs are such an amazing blessing, but man, they are exhausting! Plus, for me...they are EXPENSIVE!!!!