Tuesday, March 1, 2016

District Showcase

My school admins did a showcase for district admins in our library last Friday. This time the district admins did not ask to see any highlights from the library. So I "just" helped make the library look presentable and inviting. I had a virtual fire place going and Mozart playing while everyone arrived. The school secretary provided coffee, water, mini muffins and mini cinnamon rolls.

Then we got down to business. I won't bore you with all the data but I will say that we are making great improvements according to our data which is super exciting seeing as we are on an improvement plan. 

I made some notes on areas we still need to improve on like Fig 19 E and expository text so that I can help with lessons in the library. Gotta do my part to help our students and teachers (and show my worth).

After the meeting a cool thing happened! The assistant superintendent over the principals told me she'd like to get to know me better and write a small grant with me for up to $20,000 for books for our library. I'm super excited to get to know her and to write this grant!  I think this can be the begins of a great relationship.

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  1. Wonderful news about the grant and the progress your school is making! It's always great to see your hard work show itself in the data. I know we have many moments that make for cartwheel days but that is a huge celebration!

    Mary Klepper