Monday, March 28, 2016

Library Lessons

My library lesson last week:

I read Meet the Parents by Peter Benly to Pre-k through 2nd.  This book is on our Texas 2x2 list for 2015.  It's a rhythmic book.  Students pointed how the words that rhymed as I read it.  After reading it I asked two questions.

1) What do your parents do that you don't like?
I got all kinds of answers but my two favorites were "Making me pee before bed." and "Making me bath.  I hate that."  Kids crack me up!  I did have one student say "When they cuss at me."  That broke my heart!

2) What do your parents do that's fun?
I got all kinds of answers by my favorite was "Read to me."

For 3rd through 5th grade I read Easter poems I make into this prezi.

I included some serious poems as well as some silly poems.  Students really liked the Easter Bunny Poop poem.  You can read about a funny thing a students said after reading this poem here.

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  1. I wonder what my students would say about their parents. But, even more, I wonder what my son would say about me. Thanks for sharing!