Thursday, March 24, 2016

Student Funnies

I had a different post ready for today but some funnies happened in my library this morning and I decided to blog about them instead.

The clinic is right off the library so if I need to quickly use the bathroom I run in there.

So like any other day I run into the clinic to use the bathroom, shut and lock the door and start to unbutton my jeans... then I hear a little, high pitch voice say "Hi!".

I turn around and there was a little Pre-k girl standing in the corner behind the door.  I just started laughing and hightailed it out of the there.

The nurse, from the back of the clinic calls out, "You didn't know she was in there?"

I am super duper thankful I did not drop my pants THEN turn around and see the little girl.  That is not a phone call home I want to make!  Ha!

I've been reading Easter poems to 3rd-5th.  I have some serious ones and some funny ones (I'll blog about this lesson on Monday).  One poem is called Easter Bunny Poop.  I don't mind bathroom humor... I actually find it kind of funny myself so I like to add some of the "cleaner" bathroom humor occasionally to my lessons.  After reading the poem most classes make the connection to the movie "Hop".  The bunny in "Hop" poops jelly beans... which causes more giggles.  One 4th grader said "I wish I pooped money."  I doubled over laughing.  Don't we all sweet heart, don't we all.

Today I am thankful for students who make me laugh and love my job just a little more.


  1. That's a riot! You gotta love kids

  2. I wish I had written down the funny things my students said. We forget them way too soon!

  3. hahahahahaha! yes, we all sure do!