Monday, March 14, 2016

Magnolia Silo's

Reagan, Mom, and I went to Magnolia Market at the Silo's in Waco on Monday. The drive from Houston to Waco was super easy!  

We got there about 11:30. The line was already wrapped around the block. Parking was horrendous! We drove around for a long time. I took a picture where we parked just in case we forgot how to get back to my truck. Ha!

Here we are with our loot. I got a pitcher. I like how it has the "measurements" on it. Reagan got a small chalk board to put above her desk. And Mom got a big chalk board on a stand for her kitchen. 

I love this book art! I'm trying to think of a spot to put something similar in my house. 

We ate at the food trucks on the property. We decided on gourmet grill cheese. If you know me or read my blog you know that I love New Kids On The Block (Donnie is my favorite). So when I saw this sign I was school girl giddy and so disappointed that I was older than 10 and couldn't order from this menu. Ha!

We all got the same grilled cheese. It was delicious!

We had a lot of fun and I'm glad we went. But I was disappointed at how small the shop was and we thought there  be a bigger variety. I don't think I'd make a special trip out there again but if a friend asked me to go with them I'd go back. 

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  1. well, at least you can say you've been there, huh? And the grilled cheese looks great!