Sunday, March 27, 2016


When Reagan was born 12 years ago we started a new tradition. My parents, my in-laws and my granny (and later her boyfriend- she hates when I call him that. Ha!) came to our house for Easter lunch. When we were in Houston my in-laws came for the weekend and my parents and granny met us at our church. Now that we are in Nacogdoches my parents stay with us for the weekend and my granny and her boyfriend and my in-laws meet us at worship. 

This is the first Easter in 13 years that my granny didn't come. Long story short she fractured her spine about 5 weeks ago and just couldn't make the 3 hour trip here. My mom pack her and her boyfriend some leftovers and are going to drop them off on their way back to Houston. 

Here are a few picture of my parents and us. We always change clothes after worship before we realize we didn't take pictures with my in-law. We do this every Easter. Seriously, every year. 


  1. Love the Easter pics. Sorry your granny couldn't come. Prayers for healing and comfort.

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  3. lovely photos! I know it is hard that your granny (and her boyfriend! ha!) couldn't come. I, too, pray for healing and comfort.

  4. Prayers for granny...sorry to read about this. Hope she's feeling better soon!