Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are quickly becoming a lost art.  I wish they weren't.  There's something special about receiving a thank you note.  Seeing the words in writing seems to make it more special than just hearing the words.

The Friday before Spring Break the professor who brought her two classes of future teachers to my library to learn about Hour of Code (read about it here) stopped by with some exciting news (read about it here) and some thank you notes.

Like a busy full time working mom and teacher-librarian trying to get out of dodge and start Spring Break... I left the thank you notes at school over the break.  Which annoyed me at first.

But yesterday when I read them I was kind of happy I forgot them. They were a nice way to start the week back at school after a week off.  I'm not an overly emotional person but some of them made me tear up.  I took a picture of a few of my favorites.


  1. I love thank you notes!! My mom always taught me to write them often. They are such a nice gesture and make us feel appreciated. I wish they weren't a lost art either!

  2. I love thank you notes too!
    I received a weird response to one this week - "it wasn't necessary but appreciated"
    I have always written thank you notes and think they are important.

    I often do anonymous letters in November for students to thank teachers for something specific. It was such a great project!


  3. How very sweet - I love having my students do thank you notes when we have a guest or go someplace. I love that someone feels appreciated! This is an important life lesson for our kids!

  4. I love thank you notes and snail mail, they really do mean so much when you get them, and send them! We are about to take our 8th graders to the Holocaust Museum and I always make the kids write a handwritten thank you letter to our docents, and they are just so appreciative! Good post, thanks for remind us of the power of thank you notes!

  5. I love thank you notes! I have actually had kids thank me for giving THEM a thank you note!

  6. They are really so important. And I love that you start by lamenting that they're a lost art, but then you show us these notes that are so beautiful! So maybe it's not as lost as we fear. I agree that there's an art to them ... might be cool to teach it as a genre (and Jimmy Fallon's Thank You notes segment is always hysterical!)