Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 2 of Spring Break-Granny

Few weeks back my Granny fell and broke a bone in her neck. There's nothing to do but let it heal. She's doing much better now but I haven't seen her since it happened and since Reagan and I are in Houston I thought we'd go to church with her this morning. 

She looked great and was moving around like nothing ever happened! She was happy and feisty just like she always is. Ha!

On a side note I had my iPad at church (using my Bible app). After worship the man sitting behind me asked if I was from Nacogdoches. I explained that I'm from Houston but living in Nacogdoches right now. He told me that he saw my iPad with the Nacogdoches sticker on it and asked it I knew Jason an IT guy in my district. I do! It's such a small world!

Anyway, we ate Mexican food and noticed that Granny was looking tired. She said with the time change and having to get up earlier than normal because of worship she had only gotten 4 hours of sleep. 

We did go back to her house for dessert for a little bit but didn't stay long since she was fading fast. It was good to lay my eyes on her. Of course my parents keep me informed and I had been emailing her but it's always nice to see for yourself. 


  1. Glad to hear a positive update after what was, I'm sure, a scary event for her and you all.

  2. You are lucky to have her in your life....Enjoy! ~JudyK

  3. Keep those memories close to your heart. :)

  4. scary! glad she is healing.