Monday, March 13, 2017

Laughter Truly Is The Best Medicine

The week and a half before Spring Break at school was rough.  Really, really rough.  The faculty and staff found out our principal is going to another school in the district.  I'm not going to air my school district's dirty laundry out here on the world wide web but let's just say some of us are NOT HAPPY about this AT ALL and others are happy.

Spring Break could not have come a minute too soon.  A break was desperately needed!

I needed to get away from work.  Away from the faculty and staff that I love and away from even the students.  I'm mad.  So mad.  

And I needed a break from it all.

My BFF and I got together Friday night after I drove to Houston after work.  We went to dinner and vented about life, laughed about life, and caught up on life.  Then walked around Target with our Starbucks coffee.

I laughed at her because she complained her hot coffee was too hot... I mean, it's suppose to be hot!   We tried on clothes and laughed at the absurdity of how some of them fit.  

Then I found a shirt on a mannequin that I wanted.  We looked EVERYWHERE for that shirt and could find it no where.  I mentioned in passing that we should just take the shirt off the mannequin.  Next thing I know I'm holding her coffee and she's undressing the mannequin.  I could not stop laughing.  I pulled out my phone and recorded the craziness on Snapchat.  She struggled getting the shirt off.  It really is kind of hard when the arms don't bend.  Since we were knee deep in this I suggest taking the arms off.  Did you know that mannequin arms are magnetic?  I didn't... but I do now.  She popped the arms off, pulled the shirt off, handed it to me and popped the arms back on.

All the stress I arrived with, all the angry I had leaving school Friday vanished in the moment she started undressing mannequin for me.

Every time I wear the shirt I will think of her, our laughter and fun we had then!  


  1. That is hilarious! Had I been there I would have stepped in to help undress that mannequin. That shirt is the best!

  2. glad you had some much needed R&R time---and that shirt is awesome! (and not all mannequin arms are magnetic, but they all come off in some way or another. I worked in clothing stores throughout my teens and always felt ridiculous working with mannequin arms!)

  3. Such a fun night. You can always count on me to break the rules and ask for forgiveness IF we get caught! Love ya! Would die without you as my BFF. #wewillbeoldladieslivingtogethersomeday