Friday, March 3, 2017

Every Light in the House Is On

I grew up in a house where, when you left a room you turned the lights off. There was no sense in using electricity and paying for it if you weren't in the room to use it.

My husband grew up in a house with LOTS of lamps.  Lamps everywhere. Even today my in-laws has18 lamps... my mother-in-law and I counted. Ha!

When my younger cousin and I stayed at my in-laws house 20 years ago the weekend of my bridal shower my cousin came to bed later than I did.  She woke me up and said "I started turning off all the lamps but there are just so many of them that I stopped."  I groggily told her the lamps all stayed on. This was mind boggling even for my extended family!

So when Jay and I first married it drove me crazy that he left lights on all over the house.  This is really not something to get mad about but I didn't like it.  So to be cute I would start singing that country song "Every light in the House" by Trace Adkins.  I'd turn a lamp off or flip a light switch off and belt out "Every light in the house is on...."

Today I'm happy to say I've retrained Jay and there are no lights left on if he's not in the room.

Now my mother-in-law on the other hand... every lamp in her house is on!  She'll probably comment here about how pretty her lamps are... and she's right they are beautiful!

I love you, Mrs. Taylor!


  1. Love my lamps...what can I say....but love my daughter in law more. Just recently, however, I have started turning a few off at night. It's hard to teach me new tricks, but I'm trying!