Thursday, March 30, 2017

Getting Caught Up

It's amazing what being behind does to my brain.

With my Book Fair the week before Spring Break and STAAR (Texas' standardize test) testing this week I haven't been able to get much office work done in my library.  I have stacks of boxes on my office floor and stacks of books on my desk.

I'm in charge of typing up the questions for our Battle of the Bluebonnets.  Which is fine... not a problem.  Except.  Except that I saved all the questions the other librarians emailed me in folders in my email... and the school district changed email servers over Spring Break.  I do not have access to those folders.  A mild heart attack later I had to have all the librarian and paraprofessionals resend me their questions.  Luckily everyone had them saved!

I have two wonderful 3rd grade helpers but this mess is getting the best of all 3 of us.

Until today!  Today we are doing make up testing.  There are only 3 students/teachers involved so they put them in various places in the library and have me as monitor.  So in between monitoring I have been able to finish typing up the Battle questions.  I filled out my paperwork for 2 boxes of books I'm purchasing from MidAmerica Books.  And I'm about to tackle the stacks of books on my desk.

My brain feels like it has decompressed!  I hate being behind. I'm not a procrastinator.  It makes my brain crazy.  I'm not fully caught up yet and won't be for awhile but I at least feel like my head is above water now!



  1. Glad you are getting caught up! I loved the part in your slice where you wrote about losing the questions because of the email server change.. where you repeated the word "except." You had me saying "Oh, no" out loud!