Friday, March 3, 2017


I have two students who have been wanting to help me in the library instead of going to recess.  So boy! I have put them to work!

I've gotten a lot a new books recently.  They all seemed to come at once.  So I showed them how to process them and put them to work.

One day this past week one of them said "I understand why she be so mad when we break her books. This is a lot of work!"  Bless her heart!  It IS a lot of work.

#truth #LibraryLife

PS My office NEVER looks like this.  It's driving me nuts!  But with so many books to process I'm just having to deal with it.



  1. Cute quote - and funny! Yes, when they have to do the work they suddenly have a greater appreciation for the effort it takes. I've found that 3rd graders are amazing helpers, very detail-oriented (if given detailed instructions or shown exactly what to do). This would be my desk on a good day - yikes!

  2. I think I need to go home and clean up my home library! No matter how hard I try, it always seems to be a mess.

  3. love it--and the kids DO get how much work it is when they have to do it!

  4. What a great lesson for your third-graders!! :)

  5. What a valuable experience for those 3rd graders! Maybe you can get more volunteers so more students can gain that appreciation. :)