Friday, January 27, 2017

What a Week

It's been a long week.

1. I'm still recovering from bronchitis.  Though today is the first day I've felt almost 100%.  Still coughing a little.  Man, these coughs like to stick around!

2. We mock STAAR tested 4 days in a row this week.  I.  Am.  Sick. Of. Testing.

3.  Jay preached in a gospel meeting this week, Sun-Thurs.  It was good to hear him preach all week and be around other Christians. But it makes for a long week where nothing gets done in our house because we are at worship.

4.  I had Ladies Bible class at our house Monday night.  Three ladies talked about their trip to Ethiopia and the Bible work they do there.

5.  Today I'm taking dinner to the family of my librarian friend who passed away.  Just a small juster to show what their mom/wife meant to me.

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