Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bullet Journal

My bullet journal is really coming along.  I'm quiet proud of it.

I'm not a journaller or a writer (like the physical act of writing).  I don't like paper and pen so I wasn't sure how this would go.  It's a lot of paper and a lot of pen.

I don't like journalling.  But I have a blog... go figure.  I think my idea of journalling is writing down all your feelings and documenting your day.  And although that is part of it, I've learned though bullet journaling that it can be more creative than that.

I've scoured Pinterest for ideas and tweaked pages for myself.  I'm going to feature a page here on Thursdays to show what I've done.  Please share your ideas with me!

Here's my Index.  I've loved this Index!  It's made finding pages so easy.

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