Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Plum Series' Audiobook

Have you read the Stephanie Plum series?  There are 23 books in the series out now.  They can get repetitive pretty quickly so I don't suggest reading them all at once.

It's a fun series about an incompetent bounty hunter with a bit of an attitude, her partner (an ex-prostitute) her love interests (a cop and a security expert... both very hot) and her trying to catch the bad guy.  She gets caught up in all kinds of crazy shenanigans.

I put both the eBook and the eAudiobook on hold back in November when the book first came out. The eAudiobook came available first a couple of days ago so I downloaded it and started listening.

It's good to be back in the Plum world.


I'm NOT loving listening to the audiobook.  It's not the readers fault though!  She does a good job.

It's just that after 23 books I have a certain way the characters sound.  And the way they sound in my head is not the way they sound on the audiobook.

I debated deleting the audiobook and waiting for the eBook but I really wanted to read this book.  I mean, I've been waiting since November.  I didn't really want to wait more.  But at the same time I wanted to enjoy the book and I was not enjoying listening to it.

I just couldn't decide what to do.

Y'all the struggle is real.

But my need to know how the story ended was greater than my annoyance of the voices.  So I finished listening to the audiobook.  And in the end I got used to they way the reader read.  I still like my voices better.  Ha!

Are there books you prefer to read yourself than listen to the audiobook?

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