Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2nd (Half) Hour of Coding

My first (half) hour of coding left me... shocked.  You can read more here.  It did not go as I had planned.  At. All.

So yesterday was our second time to meet.  I had higher hopes that this meeting would go better but I did not set my expectations as high as I did for the first meeting.

I should have though.

Oh my word!  This meeting was awesome!!!

Most students logged right into their emails then were able to create an account on the Code website.  In the end we didn't need to log into email.  I thought they were going to have to verify their accounts through their email.  I must of mixed it up with another site though.

Then I let them loose.  And they ran with it.  Some students needed a little bit of guidance.  So I helped those who needed it.  It got to where the students who were able to jump right in and swim would help those who needed a bit of help.  I loved seeing the students helping each other.

As the courses got harder I did have to step in and give some tips.  But on the whole students were able to teach themselves.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am after this meeting.  I was starting to question my sanity after the first meeting.  Ha!  But this meeting left me ready to take over the world!  Or at least my little world.


  1. This is also a great example of growth mindset/failing forward. Kudos to you for sticking with it and experiencing something joyful after something so frustrating.