Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Suddenly it was December and I realized I hadn't thought of my One Little Word for 2017!  So like any good, little librarian I started to research.

I thought about my OLW from the past two years.
  • 2015-Change
    • I had no idea how much that word would be true for 2015 in my work life!
  • 2016-Positive
    • I chose this word because I was struggling with staying positive.
    • Although I still struggled with it in 2016 having 'positive' as my OLW helped me refocus when I wasn't being so positive.
    • I also realized that positive was just to black and white for me.  There were somethings I just could not find the positive in and I felt like I had failed at my OLW.  And that's so not the point of an OLW.
So in December I read through a list of words to see what jumped out at me.  I wanted a word that was flexible but still helped me grow.  I didn't want another black and white word.  Two words caught my eye.  Choose and Embrace.

I thought about:
  • both of them.   
  • how I'd "use" them in my daily life.  
  • how each would affect my life.  
  • which I was most willing to "do"
Then I just thought.  I let my mind wonder.  I went on about my day.  

And one word kept popping up.


My OLW for 2017 is Choose.

I can choose:
  • to be positive
  • to accept change
  • my attitude
  • my response to stupid people
  • what I read
  • what I watch
  • what I say
  • what I do
So 2017 will be my year to choose.


  1. Choose is such an "independently gratifyingly powerful" word! (I couldn't decide which word I wanted to use, so I used all three!) There is such freedom in choosing which is why it is so important to us as people who work with kids. I hope 2017 choose to be a good one for you!

  2. Chose is a word that puts us in control of our lives. Even when something unforeseen happens, how we choose to react makes all the difference.

  3. I love it! Yes-CHOOSE! perfect!

  4. I love it! Yes-CHOOSE! perfect!

  5. "Choose" is a good word. It really is what we all must do in these difficult times.

    I haven't participated in the OLW trend. I'm not really a resolution-type person, and even though I've thought about picking a OLW, my sense is that for me it will become clutter in my life, something more to track and to commit precious time to, and so I applaud you for having the tenacity to commit to a word in 2017!