Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

We spent six days in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The congregation here asked Jay to come teach their adult VBS class. 

This is Jay's second time here and Reagan & my first time.  It was great to meet the people he had told me about. 

1. We ate breakfast every morning at a place called Lybrand's. One of the church members owns it. It. Was. Delicious. Y'all. 

2. We visited 2 of the public libraries in the area. They all genrefy which I thought was interesting. 

3. We visited the nature center where I got spooked on a trail & scared Jay... all over a deer. Ha! I'm such a city girl!

4. The members took us out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most meals were served with dessert. I'm sure I gained 40 pounds this week!

5. We went to Little Rock and visited Center High the school where the Little Rock Nine attended. I don't know what adjective to use to describe what I felt visiting the school & the visitor center. It was emotional for sure. 

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