Thursday, June 16, 2016

Tired of Some Decor

I'm tired of the decor in some of the rooms in my house.  I'm not tired of the wall colors.  I guess I'm tired of the fabrics and the decorations.  So this summer I'll be working on the following rooms:

1. Dining room: In the 7 years we've lived here I've never been happy with this room.

2. Reagan's bathroom: We've had the same shower curtain and decorative towels for all of Reagan's 12 years.  I changed the rugs and pictures and that helped for a year or so but I'm just tired of the red.  So we are changing the accent color from red to grey.  The bathroom will be yellow and grey now instead of red and yellow.

3. Our bedroom: I still like our white quilt and purple walls but I'm tired of the curtains, pillows, and bed skirt.  I think I'm going to change those out with zebra print.

4. Our bathroom:  I'll change out the rugs and curtain to match the bedroom.  I'm also going to remove the pictures on the wall.

5. Some wall decorations in the living room;  I'm tired of the mirror over our couch.  It's a bit out dated and needs to be changed.  I'm not sure yet what I'm going to put there.  It's the biggest wall in the living room so it's going to need something sizable.

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