Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thankful for This Week

Reagan's been at camp this week. The beginning of the week was hard for me. I struggled with not talking to her at least once a day. Struggled with not knowing if she was ok or not.

Then a friend from church dropped off her grandson at the same camp a day late. She texted me that she saw Reagan, hugged her, and asked if she needed anything. Reagan said no and that she was having a great time and told our friend what all she'd been doing.

It was a huge relief!

I'm thankful for the time this week that I've gotten to spend with Jay. We haven't done anything terribly exciting but just being together as a couple sans the kid is always nice.  

We've eaten all the foods Reagan doesn't like. Gone to the movies. Gone to Gladewater, TX for a little antiquing.  Rented movies, read, cleaned the house, and taken care of each other. It's been... nice. 

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