Monday, June 6, 2016

End of Year Library Reports

In our districts the librarians do an End of Year report (EOY).  We have a document of select Texas Library Association Standards.  We rate our libraries based on these standards and share them with our principals.

The job of a librarian is such a misunderstood job.  We are so much more than a book distribution center.  Doing an EOY helps the librarian see where the library need to improvement.  Plus it helps our principal see what we are all about.  It can also be a document that we can use to show our principals why we are asking for library related services, money, items, etc.

We have also been encouraged by our lead librarians to do an infographic.  As informative as the EOY is, it's kind of dry and even a bit limited.

An infograph can really showcase all the awesome extras we do that can't be measured in a standard. I looked at the infographic I did last year and realized that I basically regurgitated the same info from the EOY and added a few other things to showcase.  This year I decided I didn't want to repeat the same information from the EOY on my infograph.  I really wanted to showcase some of the awesome things that happened in our library this year.  The only information I did include that was the same was the amount of books checked out this year.  In my infographic I did a graph so the information is presented differently.

Here's my infographic (I don't know how to make it smaller to fit the space. If you know how, tell me!):


  1. Love it! I am also a librarian, so totally appreciate how much you do that the rest of the school doesn't "get". To narrow your infograph - hit the html button and look for width. Play around with that number until you like it.

  2. As a teacher, I very much appreciate the work of librarians. As an avid reader, I remember having some of the best book recommendations from my elementary school librarian, too. She used to set aside new books she thought I would like so I could be the first one to check them out. And I really like your infographic--it helps make the point visually.

  3. I think the library is one of the most important things in a school. Reading does so much more than entertain. It reduces stress, builds analytical skills, and teaches empathy. We need our libraries now more than ever. :) Keep up the good work!

  4. You are so right that most people have no idea what we teacher librarians do. Book circulation is important, but it is the getting the right book into the right hands at the right moment bit that is the most important aspect of that. And that still isn't as important as all the collaborative work we do with other teachers etc etc etc. I really like your infographic!