Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chatting With a Retired Librarian

I've been wondering what I'd blog about today. Nothing too exciting has happened recently and I don't really have anything in my mind. 

Then this morning at breakfast I had a wonderful conversation with a lady who retired from education after 43 years in 2008. Some of those years she was a school librarian like me. 

I enjoyed listening to her talk about how she ran her library and how she handled the students and teachers. 

I was sadden to learn that over her years in the library that other educators still thought all she did was sit around and read books. She said she always had to fight for that respect. 

I've said it many times, a librarians job is so misunderstood. 

Maybe we make our job look too easy. Maybe we are just too good at our job. Whatever the reason it seems like this has always been a problem. 

And that makes me sad. 

Anyway, I got off topic a little there. I wanted to ask the lady if we could take a selfie with her but for some reason I couldn't find the courage. She was a little intimidating and had some very strong opinions. I was a little afraid she might have an opinion about selfies. Ha! 

I wish I could of recorded the conversation and shared it here. 

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