Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thankful Thursday-Spiritually Inspiring Sister Weekend

This past weekend my BFF, Emily and I went to a Bible Retreat called Spiritually Inspiring Sisters. We've been going for 3 years now.  Here's a recap of our weekend. 

We started off our weekend by stopping at a friends popcorn shop, What's Poppin' Popcorn, and getting some delicious popcorn!  Movie Theatre is my favorite.  It's so salty and buttery! Yum! Yum! Yum!

We always take a picture in the morning before we go in.  This morning it was very bright so we're a bit squinty.

The shirt I have on... Emily bought it for me for $5 from some lady.  I love it!  You can't see the bottom but it's animal print... Em hates animal print but I love it.  Ha!

These are the ladies we sat with.  They all go to church with my parents and Emily.  I'm connected to each of them (well, except one) in other ways too. They are a great group of Christian women!

The topic this year was Gentleness.  There's a fine line between being uplifted and sitting there thinking "I'm anything but gentle".  It's very easy to be hard on yourself when you listen to these women teach their lessons on gentleness, thinking about all the ways you are anything but gentle.                                                                                                                                                                                     Then I remembered the point of these weekends.  It's to ENCOURAGE us.  Not to point out our faults. So I quickly got my thoughts under control and started focusing on what I do well and what I need to work on.  Because really, even if we are excellent at something there's always room for improvement.  Although... I'm not excellent at gentleness. Ha!

The topic gentleness gave Emily and I a lot to talk about on our way home!

We've already marked our calendars for next year!

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